Tire pressure recommendation for Honda Motorcycles

The Tire pressure of a motorcycle depends majorly on three factors, the tire type, the load condition of the vehicle, the road condition, and the temperature of the area where you are riding. 

Temperature plays a very significant role in maintaining tire pressure. 


The tire pressure for Honda motorcycles generally ranges between 28 psi in the front tire to 40 psi in the rear tire. In hotter environmental conditions, the tire pressure is recommendable to 26 psi in the front and 38 psi in the rear tire. 

On the other hand, cold climate conditions would require a bit more or generalized tire pressure as the tire does not expand much during winters.


Load and road are thus very essential factors to note when traveling due respect to motorcycle tire pressure. More loads require a little more tire pressure than usual. Thus traveling with luggage, saddlebags, or pillion make sure to increase the air pressure of the tire a bit. It would be highly recommendable to swipe through the user manual to ensure the right air pressure in the particular riding condition. 


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How does temperature affect tire pressure?

Temperature is directly proportional to the pressure. Thus higher is the temperature, the more is the pressure. So, in hotter areas, or summer seasons the pressure of the tire is recommended to keep lesser than normal so that when the tires inflate due to rising temperature, the tire doesn’t overinflate and burst. 


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How to know the tire pressure without visiting the service center?

Some pocket-friendly, small-sized instruments - pressure gauges can be kept handy for knowing the pressure condition of your motorcycle tires, when traveling away from the city, or prior to taking your motorcycle out for a spin. 

The scales of such a small pressure gauge usually start at 10 psi. 


An alternative to this can be the installation of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which is generally factory-installed or fitted by any other seller. 


Should you check your motorcycle tire pressure before every ride?

The appropriate answer to the question does not really exist. Definitely better to check the tire pressure every day. But it is not a mandate. However, whether to check or to let go checking regularly, the few following pints must always be kept in mind. These include, 

Whether you ride your motorcycle regularly or not, how is the weather condition of the area stable or extreme? 


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Now depending upon your riding habits the tire pressure must be checked, say if you ride every day checking the pressure grade once a week is considered suitable if you ride rarely for instance once or twice in a month checking the tire pressure every time prior to moving out is recommendable. And lastly, if you are touring and riding thorough for a long day, checking the tire pressure twice a day would be appreciable. Once before your start the journey for the day and the second time after you end the ride for the day. This would enable you to ride safer and help you to avoid any unwelcoming situation. 


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