Can You Tint Your Motorcycle Helmet Visor?

A motorcycle helmet is meant for overall protection. Primarily to keep you away from any accident or unwelcoming incidents during your rides and secondly to protect your head from serious injury during an accident.

It avoids accidents, as its visor helps to block and deflect things (like insects, dust smoke) off your face. The visor not only deflects the pollutants but also protects the eyes from shading from the sun and bright lights. It helps to make your ride comparatively easier during rains. 


So, the helmet visor plays a big role in the functionality of a perfect motorcycle helmet. It holds a big share of importance in the list of effectiveness or need of a motorcycle helmet. 


A visor is generally made of plastic, lower grade or local ones are usually made of acrylic. While the expensive and better shield ones with proper authorization are made of polycarbonate. Motorcycle helmet visors are available transparent or tinted. 


Now, getting back to the main question, can you tint your motorcycle helmet visor?

Yes, you can tint your motorcycle helmet’s visor. Either you buy it tinted, get it done by professionals, or get your visor tinted yourself. The DIY tinted visor is generally cheaper than buying a shaded one from manufactures. But if you tint it incorrectly it can hinder your visibility and that is so not okay. 


A tinted visor shades your eyes from the sun and bright light while a transparent visor is unable to do so. Thus along with the extra protection, the tinted visor looks absolutely stunning. The visor can be tinted to a varied range of colors but it has to be in a perfect way. 


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Is it legal to tint your motorcycle helmet visor?

The legalization of the tinted visors of motorcycle helmets varies from country to country. Some countries have completely legalized tinted visors while some allow it only during the day hours, and then there are countries where tinted motorcycle helmet visors are illegal. 


Some country has stated it in their set to rules that, during daylight, the tint of motorcycle helmet should be up to 50%. It conveys, it must cause fifty percent light transmission during the day. 


Some countries which have completely legalized tinted motorcycle helmet visors are United States, New Zealand, Canada, etc. 

United Kindom makes it legal only during the day with 50% light transmission, and Australia legalizes it only to AS1609 standard.


How to tint your motorcycle helmet visor?

Tinting your own helmet visor can be really fun until you go wrong anywhere. Before we proceed to how to do it, we must stay aware that it would take you some time, a whole lot of attention, and a lot of patience. 

Do in improperly can impair your vision when worn, as the tinted paper can trap air bubbles which leads to distortion and doesn’t look precise. If the tinted paper does not stick properly has bumps there are high chances that it will easily get scratched and when it gets wet it will get completely ruined. 


However, you will be successful in getting this done right but, any sort of error can take place when you are practically doing it. So prepare for all the possibilities. 


The things you are going to need for the work are - vinyl tint paper (you would get it any hardware store or online), a Paper towel (prefer to use lint-free), glass cleaner, Squeegee, a knife, a scissor, heat gun, or hairdryer, and some soapy water. 


Follow the steps to get the best of your motorcycle helmet visor tint:


Step 1. 

Clean the visor properly using the glass cleaner. Apply the soapy water and clean away the dust using a squeegee. Repeat the cleansing with soapy water twice to make sure there is no dirt or dust particle. Make sure the working area is away from any dust so that after cleaning dust does not settle on it. 


Step 2. 

Cut the vinyl tint paper using a knife or a scissor taking a rough measure of the visor. The measurement of the cut vinyl paper need not be accurate as having a little extra is safer. You can cut off the extra part later. 


Step 3. 

This is the most important step. Spray the visor again and carefully stick the vinyl tint paper on it. Now with a hairdryer or with a hot gun blow from the middle part of the visor towards the edges. 

Stretch the paper to get it perfectly fit the shape of the visor. Apply some water on the vinyl and drape the vinyl properly by pushing out the air bubble using a squeegee. 

Make the vinyl is properly adjusted against the visor and has no distortions. 


Step 4. 

Trim off the extra vinyl at the edges. Do it carefully to avoid scratching or damaging the visor. 


And once you are done with giving the final touch of cutting away the extra, you are completely done and you have a DIY visor for yourself. 


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Should I tint my motorcycle helmet visor?

Tinting your motorcycle helmet visor solely lays over your choice. However, to help you through this doubt listing some reasons why you should get your motorcycle helmet tinted. 


A tinted visor has no replacement when riding on hot sunny days. It protects your eyes and also gives a cooling effect by preventing the sun’s heat. So when setting for long rides, it reduces eye fatigue and enhances a more pleasant ride. 


The other great part about the tinted visor which cannot go unnoticed is its stunning look. It looks absolutely topnotch especially when riding a sports or adventure motorcycle. 


Why I should not tint my motorcycle helmet visor?

The way tinting your motorcycle helmet visor helps during hot daytime rides, similarly, it causes a lot of hindrances when riding in the dark. It severely affects the visibility of riders when the sun goes down. It can really get dangerous. 


And the other drawback of tinting is, the tint may get damaged over time. The vinyl paper might get distorted, there can be the formation of air bubbles, and so on. But this can be repaired by changing you tint of the helmet from time to time. 


And last but not the least, the usage of tint motorcycle helmet visors is not legal in all countries. So make sure to go by the law of your country and proceed as per that.


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Which motorcycle helmet visor is best for the night rides?

Transparent motorcycle helmet visors are best for night-time rides. It assures total clarity and protection. It keeps you away from dust and smoke along with ensuring complete and proper visibility. 

For nighttime city rides, you can go for a smoked visor but a transparent visor remains the top priority. 

The alternative to using a tinted, mirror, or smoked visor for your helmet in long tours is to carry an extra transparent visor. When you are riding at night just switch the visor and you are good to go. 

Also, you can go for the dual visor helmets, where you get your desired visor along with a clear visor to provide you utmost protection as per your requirement.  


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