What are the pros and cons of Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap?

As a rider what do you prefer, wrapping your motorcycle exhaust or not wrapping it?

Not sure about it? And that’s okay. 

This has been one of the most common debate topics among motorcycle owners. 

Some find it really useful while some completely walk opposite exfoliating the negative aspects of the same. 


I would ask you not to turn an ear to all those talks. It is always better to self-analyze and understand the matter before you drive into such a task. And the best way to do so is to do a comparative analysis between the pros and the cons. So, we list the pros and cons for your understanding and making a preferential choice. 


The pros of installing a motorcycle exhaust wrap include reduction of engine temperature, protects your legs and feet from extreme heat during long hours of ride, enhances the look of your motorcycle, you can customize it further but coloring it, and it is extremely easy to install. 


On the other hand, the cons of wrapping a motorcycle exhaust involves more chances of rusting, leaves back marks one the pipes so after removal the naked pipes does not look very suitable, it smells pretty bad after installation until a few days, if it doesn’t fit well looks really bad and its longevity can be a big thoughtful parameter. 


However, these points have been elaborated on below. 


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What are the Pros of Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap?


To begin with, the advantages of wrapping, let’s talk about functionality improvement. It improves heat dissipation. It helps in maintaining a cool temperature for your motorcycle’s engine. Thus, it enhances your motorcycle’s throttle and horsepower during rides as the heat remains under control pushing out smoke and heat, and also because a cool engine functions more efficiently.


Wrapping your motorcycle exhaust prevents heat exposure from your legs areas, and thus reduces the chances of getting burnt. 


It changes the look of your motorcycle but importantly, ‘if it is put on in the right way’. Constant heat can also damage the pipes which can result in the formation of blemishes on the pipes. So, wrapping up the exhaust makes it look better and decent. 


Some users also reviewed it to reduce some weird noise. Sometimes the engines make some really disturbing bothering noise because of the air passage through the gaps. Wrapping the exhaust can restrict those noises by limiting the air movement. I do not have any particular experience regarding this point. But yes we have received reviews on the same from people who wrapped their motorcycle exhaust. 


Last but not the least, wrapping of the motorcycle exhaust can be done by anyone in his or her own garage. It is very easy to do and takes very little time. So your small effort can really make your motorcycle look too good and different.

The process/procedure to wrap the exhaust has been mentioned in the latter part of this article. 

What are the Cons of Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap?


Starting with the application of the wrap, if the exhaust s wrapped in an inappropriate way it looks worse than the normal blemish which the pipes get due to excess heating. So, if you are planning to wrap your motorcycle exhaust you better do it carefully and properly to avoid any mistakes. 


Wrapping your motorcycle exhaust is a one-way process. You do it for once and you cannot remove it like that. Because after removal of the wrap it leaves back some checker marks on the pipes who look very trashy. 


After your motorcycle wash, if you do not ride it for some days and the water caught in there may faster the rusting rate of your exhaust pipes. Going for a spin at intervals after every wash to make sure the water is completely dissipated is essential. 


Right after the installation of the wrap, you might experience a bad smell. Though this is not a permanent thing and dissolves in a few days yet some people find it really bothersome. 


And one thing, I would like to remind you, that is if wrapped you cannot undo it as it releases marks on it. So think twice before the installation to avoid regrets later. 


Last but not the least, if you ever decide to sell your motorcycle you might be in trouble as not everyone likes it wrapped. So, here’s one additional reason to give it a second thought. 


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How to wrap a motorcycle exhaust pipe?


Wrapping a motorcycle exhaust is not very difficult and can be easily done by your own self, but it takes a lot of efficiency and patience. It is irreversible so if it does not fit well it looks very trashy and it is not much you can do about it. 


So, for good turn output in your full effort to get the best result. 


Follow the following steps to wrap your motorcycle exhaust. 


First, make the pipes accessible so that it gets easier to wrap and nothing causes an obstruction when you are doing the work. Remove the parts that hinder the way of wrapping it correctly. 


Note: wear rubber gloves to avoid direct contact. 


The next step involves the installation of the wraps. Make sure to wear gloves or you might get sores on your hands which inches real bad. 


Take out the exhaust wrap and dip it in water for a few minutes. This would lead to stretching of the wrap making it a tighter fit when wrapping around the exhaust. 


When it is completely soaked, you are good to wrap it up. 


Strat to wrap from the header overlapping the wrap every halfway. Fasten it using a stainless steel zip tie, once you cover the whole pipe from all the way down. 


The wraps come with fray at the end part, so give two to three folds so the frays are not visible. 


Similarly, move on to the other pipes and fasten it too with another tie zip. 

To ensure the protection of the wrap using a stainless steel zip tie on all the ends of the pipes. 


Read the direction of use on the kit to obtain the best result. 


Tip: As we know wrapping your motorcycle exhaust is not a reversible deal, it leaves marks and patches on the pipes permanently. To avoid that, or at least reduce the marks you can coat your exhaust pipes spraying them with strongly heated silicone prior to wrapping it up. 


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What is the cost of an exhaust wrap?


 The cost of installation is inexpensive as it is easy and you can do it yourself. The cost of wrapping varies with the type of wrap. 


Fiberglass wraps cost $20 - $22 for a 50 feet roll. So buy according to the length of your motorcycle exhaust pipe and the tight you want the wrap to be. For tighter and thicker you want, go for that many rolls. 


You need to buy a pair or two of stainless zip ties for tying the wrap properly. This would cost you somewhere around $5 to $6 in any nearby hardware store. 


This part remains optional, if you want to silicon spray the pipes to prevent marks and patches it will cost you a little extra. It might cost your $6 approximately. But this is beneficial and helpful in the long run. 


Including the silicon spray, the whole process is not very expensive and very affordable. 


However, the prices provided for the materials are estimations and might be variable with locations. 


Is it bad to wrap motorcycle exhaust?

Wrapping your motorcycle exhaust is not bad, it has plentiful advantages like enhancing the cooling effect of the engine, prevents rusting, customized looks help in preventing burns from excess heat during long rides, and so on. 

Just as the coin has two sides, similarly wrapping a motorcycle exhausts comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. So, refer to the above-written pros and cons of installing a motorcycle exhaust wrap to understand its significance. 

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Does exhaust wrap ruin pipes?

Though it is meant to extra protection and functions to prevent rusting of pipes, sometimes after a motorcycle wash if the moisture stays inside the wrap it might fasten the rate of rusting. 

However, there is a solution for this too. If you are a daily rider, the water in the spaces between the wrap and pipes will dry out due to heat. But if you rarely use your motorcycle, you must take it out on spins for the moisture to dry out. If the moisture escapes it is absolutely okay. But if it stays back, it will cause the pipes to rust. 


What is the best exhaust wrap for a motorcycle?

Shifting down from the debate of whether exhaust wrap is good or bad to which exhaust wrap is better. I feel this is incomparable because both the fiberglass and titanium wrap works in a similar way. 

In terms of pocket pinch, the titanium wraps are expensive than the fiberglass ones. 

So, all in all, the decision of choosing rests upon you and all I can help you with is retention it, here again, know the pros and cons carefully to decide what is to be done. 



 According to be, if you are an experimental soul like me, it is always better to taste than to turn away. And also I feel the pros outweigh the cons of installing an exhaust wrap. 

Getting a premium quality wrap would definitely be beneficial for motorcycle health and engine regulations. 

Be careful when you are doing it because it cannot be undone. 

All the best!


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