What is the best paint for motorcycle gas tank?

Most of the motorcycle riders are necessarily adventure seekers of which a majority holds up to vibrancy and color. These days we often see colored helmets, tinted visors of helmets, so why not have a colored gas tank too. It not only looks great but also brings out the experimental nature of the riders.

You can either paint your motorcycle gas tank by yourself or you can get it done from any paint shop. 

However, getting back to the main part, i.e., what is the best paint to color motorcycle gas tank?

The best paint for coloring your motorcycle gas tank is necessarily aerosol spray paint precisely Duplicolor aerosol spray paint. Most of the users have rated it highest and say it is the best buy and would be a tough job to find an alternative for it. 

The Duplicolor aerosol spray is proven to give the best paint results, show no spray lines, and is absolutely easy to use. It is pocket-friendly too. It costs much lesser than any high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer. 

If you are planning to paint the motorcycle gas tank yourself, it would be highly recommendable to use aerosol spray. Since the gas tanks are round so the aerosol can perfectly blend. 


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Why are aerosol sprays best for painting motorcycle gas tanks?

On the basis of research and my own experience, I can remark Dupli color aerosol sprays to be the best for painting motorcycle gas tanks.

But why would you believe in so? To wash off the doubts and to make aerosol spray an obvious choice when you are thinking of painting your motorcycle’s gas tank, listing the reasons below. 

The aerosol spray comes with great quality. We should always choose products and equipment of maintenance that not only serves our purpose but also it does not damage our belongings. And keeping this in mind you can definitely choose Dupli-color aerosol spray for painting your motorcycle gas tank. 

Aerosol comes at a very reasonable price. Thinking of the price is inevitable. So, before painting your gas tank thinking of the price of this spray would not leave you in any dilemma. 

The adjusting cans of the Dupli aerosol spray are very easy to use and paint effectively. And if your painting it yourself, it is going to stand very helpful.

Generally, it is recommended to use aerosols for round surfaces. So, by the structure of your motorcycle gas tank, it is evident why you should go for an aerosol spray. 

Leaves a hassle-free experience. If you are to painting it yourself you would not have to worry much about the cleaning after your experiment. All it takes is to throw away the cans in the proper bin and a little sweep as it might leave some dust on the floor. 

These are the reasons why aerosol sprays top the list of paints that can be used for painting motorcycle gas tanks.

Always remember it is always best to have a self-experience. So, you can try this out and verify the results yourself. 


How is aerosol spray paint better than HVLP spray painter?

A high volume low-pressure spray painter is considerably not as good as an aerosol spray paint according to me. However, there would be numerous forums or services agencies recommending you to paint your gas tank using HVLP. 

Listing the differences between an aerosol spray paint and an HVLP paint sprayer for you to distinguish between the two and making it is easy for you to choose. 

An HVLP spray painter is mostly recommendable for painting flat surfaces like car doors, whereas aerosol sprayers are best for round structures surface like gas tanks of motorcycles. 

Using an aerosol sprayer is much more user-friendly than HVLP spray paint. As a beginner, it would be better to try out the painting using an aerosol spray painter. 

HVLP spray painters are approximately five times more expensive than aerosol spray paints. However, less expensive HVLP paint sprayers are available in the market in the local hardware stores but I strictly stand against those and would never refer anyone to use those. As that might lead to extra expenses in the removal and redoing of the paints if it does not turn out well in the first try. 

The post painting clean-up process includes a lot of stress after the painting task which is nearly negligible in the case of aerosol spray painters. 


So now that you know the differences between the two and I hope now it seems easier for you to choose the rightful paint sprays. 


How much does it cost to get a motorcycle tank professionally painted?

The cost of getting a motorcycle tank professionally is location-specific. It varies from region to region, the package you choose, the type of paint you are opting for, and so on. 

A price range for painting your motorcycle gas tank is estimated to vary between $ 350 to $1500. Choosing lower grade color or a lesser number of coats would definitely cost less. Also, if your motorcycle is in a new condition and you just want a coat to retain its vibrancy it is expected to cost much less than complete discoloration of existing color and repainting it. 

However, different service lodges and shops have different packages. To know the exact amount visit your nearest service center or painting stop. 

Painting the gas tank yourself as a DIY always remains an option that is necessarily experimental and fun. And would also cost you much lesser than getting it done by the professionals. 


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How do you paint your motorcycle gas tank?

Painting a motorcycle gas tank at home is not an easy job truly but definitely fun and experimental. This is something you can definitely try, the equipment is easily available in the market and here we provide the complete guide to doing the work.


So, let’s begin with, What are the things we need to paint the motorcycle gas tank at home?

All you need is sandpaper (a series of rough to fine-grit sandpaper for removing the old paint layers), sandpaper blocks, Bondo, Bondo scraper, masking tape, paints, a can of clear coat, primer, masking tape, safety glasses, respirators, safety gloves, some small pieces of clothes, and some old newspaper. 


What are the steps to paint your motorcycle gas tank at home?

Follow the following steps carefully to get the best result after the DIY gas tank painting. 


Step 1,

Detach the gas tank off your motorcycle after emptying the gas from it. Highly recommendable not to try to paint the gas tank keeping it attached to the motorcycle. 


Step 2,

Identify if your old tank’s color is peeling off or it is just good to use as a base. The base has to be smooth and uniform. So if the old paint is not cracked or peeling off, you can use it as a base for the new paint after a good sanding using the sanding paper. 

Thus, sanding until the bare metal exposes is not always necessary. 


Step 3, 

Use the Bondo to mend the dents and dints using a Bondo scraper. Before you do step three, read the ‘direction of use’ on the spray paint bottle’s body carefully.


Step 4,

After the Bondo dries up, scrub it with a Sand block until you get a straight edge.


Step 5, 

The first step to painting is to apply primer. This is to be done once the tank is smooth. Apply two to three coats. The coat should be applied after the previous coat completely dries.


Step 6, 

This step is the most important one and would take you some time and patience. In this step, you have to smooth the primer, by sanding it using 400 grit sandpaper. You smoothen the surface by scrubbing after complete making the surface wet. 


Step 7,

Now, cover the areas on the tank which you want to keep unpainted such as, the frame mounts, gas caps, etc. using masking tape. Now you are all set to paint. Make sure you do not leave out the visible areas.


Step 8,

Using the tow strap hand the gas tank from the top to easily paint it. 


Step 9,

Get some wax and grease remover, and wipe on the primed tank. This is where your whole preparation phase ends and now you are set to paint the tank. So, just wear your rubber gloves and get started. 


Step 10,

Now that all the dents are fixed, and the primer is completely dry, start spraying the paint of your desired color. And then add the clear coat. 

The application of a clear coat depends upon you. However, it makes the surface harder and glossier and also improves the longevity of the paint. 


Step 11, 

Leave the paint done for a day without touching it. And the next day, fix it back on your motorcycle and enjoy the absolutely self-done magic and grade up the level of your motorcycle rides. 


If the whole procedure does not result well, you have to wet sand and prime again. 


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What are the points to remember when painting your motorcycle gas tank?


Following are the points to be remembered when painting the motorcycle gas tank:

  • Wear safety glasses and respirators to avoid any accident. 
  • Use gloves while painting, 
  • Spread newspaper or sheets to avoid dirtying the floor on which you are working. 
  • When applying paint, wait for a coat to dry before applying the next. 
  • Spray the paint coats lightly to prevent any runs. 
  • Uniformly paint the first coat to avoid lumps or runs. 
  • Have the patience to get the project done efficiently and effectively. 



What is supposed to be more existing than modifying and styling your own motorcycle. Painting a motorcycle gas tank is truly fun and is expected to be absolutely satisfying if it comes out effective and wonderful. To customize your motorcycle gas tank, follow the above-mentioned steps carefully for the best results. 


So, if painting a motorcycle tank, why not a motorcycle helmet visor?


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