What is the best color for Motorcycle Helmet?

When riding a motorcycle your first and foremost priority is supposed to be your own safety. Wearing all the necessary safety kits is utterly important. One of the most important safety gear is HELMET. 

You should always wear your helmet even if are going for a short spin. Your helmet should be an absolutely perfect fit for you so that it stays intact with your head. Apart from the size, the color of the helmet also crucial in context to visibility.


Light colors are highly recommendable for helmets, of which WHITE remains the safest and best color for motorcycle helmets. White helmets are proven to be the most visible helmets a rider can choose. Research exhibits, white helmets are related to a 24% lower risk of accidents and crash-related injuries, when compared to dark-colored ones. Also, lighter colors do not absorb much heat when riding in the day under the sun and help in maintaining the cool. 


The color of your helmets is related to much more than just-style. Selection of the right color of the helmet helps co-riders and other drivers on road to notice your presence. It awards people of your presence and thus enhances safety.


What is the most common helmet color?

Black and White clearly dominate the color of motorcycle helmets. Most of the riders like it black because it gives a sporty as well as classy look. Adventure bikers tend to choose black for the sporty adventure looks while cruiser riders like more classy and go for matte black mostly. 


White-colored helmets are researched to be chosen by around 28 - 30% of riders. They belong to all the domains of motorcycling. City riders are often found with white-colored helmets. 


Colors like orange, yellow are are rarely seen. Pink is sometimes worn by female riders. So clearly and most evidently Black and White are the two most popular motorcycle helmet colors, where 40%  of the riders choose black and 29% white.


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What is the safest motorcycle helmet color?

White has been recognized as the safest motorcycle helmet color. This is because of its high visibility and contrast that ensures a better chance of being noticed on-road and thus reducing the risk of an accident. 


However, beige, yellow, orange are also considered safer than black ones. These are constating to the other elements on road and can be easily spotted making them safer colors. In addition to these, a study reveals the above-mentioned colors are associated with 17-19 % lesser accident-prone.


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How to choose a helmet color?

Choosing a motorcycle’s helmet color should be made depending on the two following aspects, first, if your major concern is safety, 

secondly, the country you live in. That would indicate the weather and if the sun’s rays are too strong and would heat up your helmet depending upon the color. 


The choice of your helmet’s color relates itself with the visibility. Brighter and lighter is the color better is the visibility. So, if your major concern is safety, White is the color of the helmet you must choose. This is why white helmets are best for city rides and highways. 


On the other hand, if you ride in the mountains roads, where it snows and it is snow-covered you must choose darker colors like black, orange, etc as that would increase the visibility in that location. So, here comes the second factor which guides the choice of helmet color. Also, in hotter countries, it is better to choose white as it would absorb less heat during day rides and help you stay cool.


So, depending upon the above mention factor you may choose the right and needful color of helmet for yourself. 


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Should I buy a black color helmet?

There is nothing wrong with buying a black colored helmet. But you should always prioritize safety when riding a motorcycle and thus choosing black should be preferred less to assure more safety. 


Many research shows black colored helmets are more prone to accidents for it is barely visible in the dark and visibility is one the key factor you must be bothered about when buying a helmet. 

Also, black colored helmets absorb a lot of heat and make it difficult to ride on hot sunny days. 


However, 7 out of 10 riders choose black helmets because it looks stylish and cool. 

So, the choice entirely depends upon the user. But it is necessary to keep in mind that, the choice of color is closely related to the choice between safety and risk. 


Are black or white motorcycle helmets hotter?

Obeying the recognized laws of Physics and practicality, black helmets tend to become hotter than white color helmets. The color black has more heat-absorbing capacity and thus becomes hotter. So, wearing a black helmet on a hot sunny day might become unbearable. 


Nothing is more important than safety when riding a motorcycle. So, when buying a motorcycle helmet you should be conscious about the color and the safety it assures. So visibility is the main thing that ensures safety and after all the researches observation and experiences, it can be concluded that White is the best color for motorcycle helmets. 


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