Should a woman ride motorcycle during menstruation?

Totally agreeing with the statement that men and women stand on the same pedestal, I cannot be inattentive to the physical disabilities a woman has to pull through. Menstruation is normal and it should not be a reason that constrains a woman's life. However, during the specific days of the month, every woman seeks for little more comfort than usual. 


It is really difficult to state whether a woman should ride a motorcycle during periods as it varies from woman to woman depending upon what comforts her. For some, riding a motorcycle can be a stress buster and help her deviate from the constraining factor. While for some it might be an additional pain for riding for long hours not getting the right washroom to where she travels. 


In regard to the Problems faced by a female motorcycle rider, women today are breaking stereotypes and adding up motorcycle riding experiences and adventures in their life tasks. 


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Why should a woman not ride a motorcycle during periods?

The choice to ride or not to do so completely rests on the woman herself. But it is always helpful to know the pros and cons and then decide wisely. So, here is the list of reasons why you should not ride during menstruation. 


Changing your tampons or pads after a certain interval is very necessary to avoid bacterial infections. And going for rides can lead you to inaccessibility of proper washrooms and sanitation rooms. Menstrual cups can be really beneficial in such a case. 


One riding position for long periods during menstruation can cause you trouble and uncomfortable ride experiences. 


The continuous friction during wearing a pad can be rough to your skin and might cause irritation. 


However, every problem has its solution. So, if it is affordable for you, you may. Also the flow of blood varies from woman to woman so decide accordingly. 


Why should a woman ride a motorcycle during periods?

Following are the reasons why a woman should ride during periods.


It helps in keeping your mind off discomforts. 

It helps in exercising and helps in proper flow of blood. 

It helps in reducing cramping and enhancing proper blood flow.

It helps in avoiding feeling lethargic by continuous activity.


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How to ease your period cramps and pains when riding?


Exercise and helping in smooth flow of the blood is one very effective way to reduce your cramps and get rid of your period pain. But when you are riding this does not remain a flexible option. 

However some other alternative to handle your periods cramps are:


  • Keeping a good fluid level in your body. Warm beverages should be intaken for faster reliefs. 
  • Calcium rich foods are very helpful to control menstruation pain. Thus, when travelling with your periods on, make sure to pocket yourself with some milk chocolates and dairy toffees. 
  • Pack some ginger to your packing list when on periods. It is highly effective in resolving period pain. Add some grated or shredded ginger pieces to hot water and wait for the magic to happen. 
  • Hot water bags are really effective in releasing proper blood flow and enhancing better feelings during menstruation. But for travel seekers it is a problem. So, you can use a heat pad as an alternative. 


So, do not let your period stop you from doing what your soul actually wants. 


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