What are the benefits of low ground Clearance in motorcycle?

Ground clearance is one of the fundamental characteristics about any vehicle. It is a part of general dimensions. This is also referred to as ride height. 


Ground clearance is the distance between the lower end of any vehicle and the road. This feature differs from vehicle to vehicle. Here we are concerned about the ground clearance of motorcycles. 


Ground clearance is a variable unit and must be bought on the basis on few parameters like, 

  • The landscape of your area, 
  • Road conditions, 
  • Purpose of your motorcycle, 
  • Height of the rider,


So, depending on the suitability of the above mentioned parameters people decide whether high ground clearance or low ground clearance. 


What are the advantages of low ground clearance?

A motorcycle with low ground clearance is easier to handle with zero compromises in its performance. It facilitates better handling as its centre of gravity is significantly lower than the average case. This makes it easier to balance. 


Low ground clearance makes a good ground for aerodynamics. Due to less distance from the road, less air is able to pass under the vehicle during its motion and that is beneficial for the rider to balance and ride steady. Cruiser motorcycle are generally meant for highways, where it requires a low ground clearance for attaining the certain amount of stability and balancing it through. 


A motorcycle is suitable for an individual when it is rightfully coincident with the rider’s height. There are people who find it difficult to get the right motorcycle because of their height issue, and here the problem is completely resolved. 


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Women generally tend to measure less in terms of height, so motorcycles with low ground clearance do the work. It is absolutely favourable for women. 


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How to change the ground clearance of a motorcycle?

The ground clearance associated problems can be solved by adjusting the air suspension. It can be done either automatically or manually as per the road conditions you are riding on. 

The height of the suspension is raised or lowered to change the overall height of the motorcycle. 


Is changing the ground clearance of a motorcycle recommended?

The dare to go for a change completes rests upon the motorcycle user. As every modification comes with a certain amount of risks. Changing the ground clearance can lead to alteration in the stance or posture and that might hamper the suitability of its riding. 


So the consequence may stand fruitful or bitter. So, it is recommendable not to experiment with these kinds of internal works. 

But in case if you urge to do it, it would be beneficial to get it done by some skilled and specialised worker and after a good specialised consultation. Because there will be modifications done to the suspension which is an integral part. 

So, think twice before heading towards ground clearance modifications. 


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What are the disadvantages of low ground clearance?

Just as a coin has two sides, so is every characteristic feature. Some of the disadvantages and unpopularising perspectives of low ground clearance are as follows:

  • It is more prone to bump into speed breakers, that can cause dents, 
  • Difficulty in riding on rough or non-textured roads, 
  • It causes the suspension to feel harder than normal. 

On which road condition low ground clearance helps and performs the best?

Smooth roads with less or no bumps are best for low ground clearance motorcycles. It is best for highways and city roads. It is apt for touring when travelling through plains and the rad condition is smooth and textured. 

A big NO to the mountainous road, or rugged terrain as that may lead to scratching and denting in the lower belly of your motorcycle because the distance between ground and the lower end isn’t much. 

On which road condition low ground clearance performs the worst?

Rugged roads or uneven land is somewhere a not to go zone for motorcycles with low ground clearance. 

As the lower end of a motorcycle and the ground are not much apart it is more prone to hitting the ground when there is a pothole or a stone. As a result of which you can get dents and scratches. 

Even the roads with multiple speed breakers or speed bumps are not very suitable. Because this disrupts the speed of the motorcycle. The rider has to slow down multiple times just to avoid hitting and the impact.


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Does high ground clearance of a motorcycle solves all the problems?

 The justified answer to this question would be , ‘It Depends!’. High ground clearance would stand beneficial or not would depend upon a few parameters such as road condition, landscape, height of rider and so on. 

If you are into off-roading and have a motorcycle with high ground clearance it would definitely solve your problem and be advantageous. On the other hand if you have a high ground clearance motorcycle in plain terrain with good road condition it does not make a difference. 


So it simply depends upon the rider, and the roads the motorcycle would run on to declare whether high ground clearance of a motorcycle solves all the problems or not. 

What kind of a rider should select a low ground clearance motorcycle?

Every motorcycle is made for everyone. You must choose the one apt for you, without making compromise on any bit. However, a low ground clearance motorcycle is expected to be best for beginners and people with shorter heights. 

This is because a beginner usually finds difficulty in balancing and it is easier to balance in a motorcycle with low ground clearance. Its aerodynamic system enhances the balancing capability of motorcycle. 


And if we talk about shorter heights of riders, it is extremely beneficial for them. As comfort and safety is a big part of the motorcycling pie. And this remained well equipped for a short rider to choose a motorcycle with low ground clearance.  


What kind of a rider should not select a low ground clearance motorcycle?

Choosing, buying and enjoying rides in a motorcycle solely depends upon an individual’s personal choice. However, someone has no prior knowledge about this. It is recommendable to them that if you like off-roading, planning to travel wherever your heart craves irrespective of roads and routes, then you must think twice about taking a low ground clearance motorcycle. 


A motorcycle with low ground clearance can be an obstruction for you when off-roading or on uneven surfaces. The lower part of your motorcycle may hit the stone and bums and cause you trouble. These kinds of roads are best for adventure motorcycles that facilitate higher ground clearance and more comfortable rides in rough roads. 


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Why does a cruiser bike always have low ground clearance?

Cruisers are made for smooth roads and effortless rides and their riding postures are made such that. It enables the laid back posture to the rider which is one thing cruisers are known for.

Cruisers schemes and aims at giving comfortable highway rides for long hours with ease. So, cruisers with low ground clearance helps in optimising the aerodynamics. 


Also, cruisers tend to have the lowest seat height of all the motorcycles because of engine placing. The engines in cruisers are generally narrow inline v-twins that sit ahead of the rider. 

Which again leaves plenty of rooms for the saddle to be positioned closer to the ground. 


Why is it recommended to use a low ground clearance motorcycle on a long stretched highway?

Following a few reasons, why is it recommended to use a low ground clearance motorcycle on a long stretched highway:

  • Enhances the aerodynamics, 
  • Roads are smooth and well maintained that ceases the chances of bumping into potholes or puddles, 
  • Less or no speed breakers, which can lead to hitting of the under belly of the low ground clearance motorcycle,
  • The seat height is such that, it is ought to provide a comfortable riding position that is suitable for riding long stretches at once. 


How to solve the low ground clearance problem?

The problem associated with low ground clearance can be sorted by adjusting the air suspension. By lowering or elevating the height of suspension manually, the problem of ground clearance can be resolved to some extent. 


The extent of solution for this particular problem b]may vary from motorcycle to motorcycle. 



Ground clearance is an important prospect that you should be concerned about when buying a motorcycle as it envelopes the comfortability of riding, how smooth it is going to be, and so on. 


However, low ground clearance can be extremely beneficial for people with smaller heights than usual, in balancing with the motorcycle, and maintaining the aerodynamics. These would be beneficial and would assist in having a comfortable and good ride.