How to get sponsered trips?

Who would not dream about traveling in the meadows, up the hills, by the valleys, on the undulating roads? 

And sometimes the thought of the expenditure collapses our dreams. 

But never mind, today we are going to talk about free trips, and completely would justify 

‘When there’s a will, there’s a way!’


Most of us are travel seekers, we love traveling, adventuring, seeing the unseen, knowing the unknown, and find happiness amidst doing so. 


Now the only that is possible crossing your mind is, a free trip is that even possible?

YES! It is. We shall talk about sponsored trips. 


What is a sponsored trip?

A sponsored trip is basically when your travel expenses are paid by a third party. The sponsorship is an agreement to reimburse the third party with some assignment or work deals as you travel. 

Now, the deal between you and your sponsor can be professional or on other terms. 


However, I must mention here that, getting a sponsored trip is not an easy target to shoot. 


Sponsorship is generally when an individual or corporation perpetrate resource or finance into some non-profit program to make up for some promotional basis. 


How do I start to get sponsored?

Getting sponsored is not an easy task. 

I mean very obviously until and unless you do something really crazy and achieve admiration of people only then, someone would agree to invest in you. Secondly, I have mentioned earlier that mostly, through sponsorship programs a company looks forward to some promotional ideas. Thus, you first have to get some audience base to start getting sponsored. 


Now, when you have needed an audience base you have to do something interesting, socialize it over social media. 


For instance, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast. Obviously, every motorcycle rider nurtures an interest in traveling on the motorcycle. For getting sponsored in this case, you can start a YouTube channel, share some vlogs where you go around in nearby locations. With the help of these basic vlogs and moto-related videos. Also, you have to stay updated about the things you are doing in the social pools such as Instagram, Facebook, as often that helps in generating publicity. 


Also, sometimes you can get directly approached by any paid program holder or sponsor who is looking for young influencers like you over social media. So, it is extremely important to keep your works afloat amidst people to gain an audience or also for getting noticed by sponsors. 


So, this a way where you can look for sponsored programs, approach brands, and companies to deal with a paid program. 


So, the key to getting sponsored is to do something unique, and influential. Must have an audience base. You must have some engaging content that would drive people towards your deeds and works. 

Also, when you make some Instagram or Twitter posts which your content tag brands and use the recently trending way to a trend that is by using #hashtags. 

Using hashtags helps you to come across people who are looking at people like you by the search for relevant hashtags. 


So to sum it up all, the four ways for you to start to get sponsored are:

  • Directly approach brands and companies,
  • Startup with some creative influential ideas and opportunity may walk towards you, and 
  • Feature your deeds over the social pool with tags and hashtags promoting your work,
  • Let your colleagues, relatives know about your interest so that they can list your name if any opportunities come. 



What does a sponsor get in return?

As you already know sponsorship programs are usually non-profit promotional programs. Companies, sponsors here aim at reaching out to more people, influencing them by general individual’s lifestyle, and so on. 


The sponsors are basically business ventures so, they would never do anything for free always remember that. So, here’s an additional tip for you, be witty and act as professional as possible when getting into a sponsorship deal. 

Remember the trip you are going to be sponsored for is definitely a fun trip but will also have some consequence of the treaty. 


However, here is a brief of what the sponsors get in return for funding your travel:


Public Generosity - one of the best ways to promote and make people estimate the goodness of your brand value is by exfoliating the positive public relation with your company.  So, when you sponsor any individual who holds no role in your business sectors grasps media and public attention. 

Targeting the right audience - You will mostly find a link between the venture type to the sponsored deeds. This helps in targeting the right audience for the business. Brands always look for a customer and to shot the arrow at the niche segment is crucial. Sponsorship programs act very beneficially in this regard.


Return of Investment - For a business, the clear aim and strategy is profit or non-profit and never a loss. So, sponsorship programs hold spoke vital terms and conditions that are bearable with no harm to the company’s investment. And with reach out to more people, more involvement more is the chance of return of investment doubly. 

Always remember to read the terms and conditions of a sponsorship program carefully. Make sure that the agreement gives you the altitude of the agreement you want. 


How do I write a sponsorship proposal?

A sponsorship proposal is basically a formal letter, which includes mentions of the deal and agreement. It necessarily involves, demographics, sponsorship exposure, cost analysis, testimonials from past sponsors, etc.


A proposal for sponsorship is a good great formal letter with the right balance of sweetening agent and crisp of business. 

Here are some points mentioned below that sums up a sponsorship proposal:


  • A professional header is a must.
  • Next, add the date along with the mention of the name and logo (if any) of your organization.
  • Open the letter cordially addressing the individual whom you have identified in the targeted organization. (in case you know none, but writing to a recognized brand you may head as, ‘to whom it may concern’)
  • In the starting paragraph of your proposal, introduce yourself and your brand or organization. Remember it should not be very long while it must be short and composed. 
  • In the next paragraph draw a brief of how collaboration is going to beneficial for both ends. 
  • Include a sponsorship fact sheet. 
  • Once you have attached all the necessary materials, do remember to sign your letter. 
  • It is convenient to send it via mail, but to my suggestion, you can send the hard copy too.

How do I get sponsored for a bike trip?

Getting sponsored for a bike trip is no different from general sponsorship programs. This has only unique preferability to approach to biking gears, moto accessories that’s all. However, you can also go for sponsorship program plans where you will not have to promote accessories or gears but the trip and travel.  


To my personal recommendation, I will suggest you start off with some social media featuring your motorcycle experiences, creating a YouTube channel for generating an audience base is not a really bad option. This will help you to gain more trust from the sponsors and show you up to be more reliable when it comes to some biking or motorcycling related sponsorships.