How to keep a motorcycle battery charged?

 The battery of a motorcycle is one of the very sensitive parts of a motorcycle, which should be well-taken care of and checked at intervals. Maintaining a battery includes keeping a motorcycle battery charged. 

Maintaining a motorcycle battery and keeping the motorcycle’s battery charged is like a circular loop. To keep up the health of your motorcycle’s battery you need to charge it and vice-versa. 

To keep a motorcycle battery charged is to follow some easy dos and don’ts. These are basically very small and quick points to remember. Here they go, 

  • You should start your motorcycle every day for at least 2 minutes. Making your motorcycle’s battery active every day enhances your motorcycle’s battery’s ability to hold a charge for a longer time. This should more importantly be practiced during cold days. 
  • You should not switch on your headlight when the ignition is off. 
  • To keep your battery’s health good and keep it charged avoid installing aftermarket products in your motorcycle. 

This is recommended because, many times it happens that the products exceed the tolerance limits or charge facilitation limit of your motorcycle, which adversely affects the battery. 

  • If you have a carburetor motorcycle, it is recommendable to you to kick-start your motorcycle after it is kept un-started for quite a long period of time. It enhances the longevity of your motorcycle’s battery. 
  • Always remember, the more you avoid to self-start your motorcycle, the better it is for your motorcycle’s battery. 
  • To keep your battery charged, try to keep your bike away from cold. For instance, keep your motorcycle under the shed or in the garage especially in winter. 

How to keep a motorcycle battery charged during winter?

In winter or colder weather needs more attention and maintenance of motorcycle battery. Because cold potents to make your motorcycle go frozen. 

And motorcycle’s battery lags to work in colder conditions. 

The reason behind this is the battery’s capacity. The capacity that the battery lowers when the outside ambient air is freezing. 

So, to avoid getting your motorcycle’s battery dead in winter, start its engine every single day, keep it under the shed, or in the garage. You can also charge your battery at intervals. 

Not starting a motorcycle in winter wholly depends upon two factors. The battery is the one, to know the other, check out Why won’t my motorcycle start in the cold? 

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How long does a motorcycle battery last without charging?

There is basically no specific answer to this question. As the answers would vary with the variation of different parameters it depends upon. 

Some of the parameters on which the charge holding capacity of the battery depends are the type of battery, age of battery, environmental temperature, etc. 

It also depends on how much you use or ride it. 

However, based on some researches, observation, and interrogations a motorcycle’s battery’s charge lasts for approximately 4 – 5 months. This is in the case of a moderately old battery.

The charge holding capacity of a new battery is always higher. So, a new battery can last for around 6 months without charging. 

Motorcycle batteries which are like 4-5 years old may need frequent charging. 

Therefore, it is solely an estimation and varies from motorcycle to motorcycle with its feature and usability. 

How often should I charge my motorcycle battery?

Charging of a motorcycle battery should be done as per the type of battery your motorcycle has, the location you live in, your riding habits, and the age of your motorcycle’s battery. 

But set an approximate value based on observation and experience it can be stated that, for a new battery with moderate riding practices you may recharge your motorcycle’s battery once every 6 months. 

For moderately old battery we should charge in an interval of 3-5 months. But you ride heavily, you might need to change your charging pattern and make it more frequent.

Lastly, for old batteries shorten the time between two consecutive charging. For it not only becomes old but its capacity to hold charge also decreases. 

I think it is necessary to mention that the charging pattern would change with the season. In winter, you need to charge your motorcycle more frequently than in the summertime. 

How do you start a motorcycle with a dead battery?

This is the next probable thought that is much expected to hit you after you bother yourself thinking about how and when to charge your motorcycle’s battery. 

Basically, either you can try recharging your battery. Or you can try push starting your motorcycle if it doesnot start after a multiple try. 

And even if it push starting doesn’t help you better think, which motorcycle battery is favourable for you motorcycle. And there’s no point waiting, just buy it. 

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