How to start a motorcycle with a dead battery?

 Generally, if a motorcycle is not used over a long time and the battery inside the motorcycle is old then the battery happens to die after some time.

In that case, replacing the battery can be an easy solution to the problem, but there is another alternative solution to the problem.

The other alternative solution is considered to be cost-effective as it helps you to save money by not making you buy a new battery for your motorcycle.

Though the alternate solution has got chances of failure. But, it is worth taking up the chances as it can save you money.

It is recommended to not replace the battery in the first shot, I would recommend you to first try to push start your motorcycle if in case that doesn’t work then obviously you can replace your old motorcycle battery with a new one.   

What is Push Starting a motorcycle?

Push starting is a condition in which the motorcycle is manually pushed to start in a case where the motorcycle is unable to start on its own.

Push starting is a manual process in which an individual has to manually push the motorcycle and force the motorcycle to start

How to Push Start a motorcycle?

1. The first step should be to switch on the key to the “on” position.

2. Please make sure that the kill switch is set to the “run” marker.

3. Call for a friend for help or try to take the help of gravity for pushing, by making the motorcycle face downhill.

4. Second or third gear is the best suitable gear to stick with if push-starting the motorcycle. Maintaining the second and the third gear would prevent jerking when the motorcycle tends to start.

5. Push the Motorcycle keeping the motorcycle in the second or the third gear until the motorcycle gets stocks and doesn’t move anymore. The motorcycle will tend to move only an inch before it gets stucks.

6. Pull the Clutch and then start moving the motorcycle forward keeping yourself on the left side of the motorcycle as support.

7. Try to run and move the motorcycle as fast as you can. The recommended speed to move the motorcycle would be around 5MPH or 8KMPH to perform the push start in your motorcycle. Try getting help from a friend to push your motorcycle along with you.

8. While running jump over the motorcycle to sit on it. As soon as you sit on the motorcycle push the Starter, give some gas or acceleration, and release the clutch.

9. Try to keep the Rpm up, to keep up with the flow in gas and the charge the battery. And in case if your motorcycle doesn’t start after this, Try repeating all the steps from step 1 to 9 until your motorcycle finally starts.

Push Starting a motorcycle without a battery?

Push starting a motorcycle without battery would be really difficult without a kick starter in the motorcycle.

And if the motorcycle has a working Kickstarter then push-starting the motorcycle would not be required.

A motorcycle with a smaller engine can be ignited with just kick start, and won’t have to be necessarily push started in case of a dead battery.

How do you know if your motorcycle battery is dying?

When the battery starts dying it starts losing its power. The effect of a battery losing its power may be reflected in the headlight beam of the motorcycle ( when the bike is not in motion), the horn of the motorcycle, or even the indicator lights.

If the above instruments in your motorcycle tend to work absolutely fine, it means that your motorcycle battery is absolutely fine.

Why do motorcycle batteries die so fast?

Generally, motorcycle batteries tend to die younger mostly due to clear negligence. Problems like dehydration, slow discharging during storage, or improper charging of batteries tend to shorten the life span of the battery.

What kills a motorcycle battery?

The heat generated by the motorcycle engine and the vibration generated from it is really not friendly enough for the batteries. They generally negatively affect battery life.

Sometimes even internal damage within the battery from broken plates inside the battery can be the reason for the damaged battery.

The problem with the internal damage of a battery is that you won’t even get to know about the internal damage, as the battery would tend to hold the charge within itself and won’t even show much of a severe symptom of damage all of a sudden.

Is push starting a motorcycle bad?

Push starting a motorcycle is really not bad until someone is getting physical injury out of it. 

Push starting a motorcycle is not bad from the perspective of a motorcycle as you take and use the last chance to revive your dead battery motorcycle.

But push starting a motorcycle can be really dangerous as the rider has to take a risky jump over on the running motorcycle while running, Mistiming the jump while running may cause severe injury to the rider.

How long does a normal motorcycle battery last?

In most cases, a motorcycle battery would last around 48 months which is around 4 years.

But it really depends on the nourishment and the care taken.

The life of a motorcycle battery depends on the climatic condition in which bike lives.

The extreme cold climatic conditions generally tends to shut off the battery. and the extremely hot climatic conditions may even damage the battery life.

How to run a motorcycle without battery?

Running a motorcycle without a battery is not impossible but yes it’s not as well.

Especially smaller motorcycles that are around 200cc or less are easier to start without a battery.

Motorcycles having a Kick-starter are easier to start without a battery.

For powerful motorcycles having powerful engines, you may have to apply some rewiring skills as starting them without battery won’t be easy.

Can you push start a motorcycle with fuel injection?

Push starting a fuel injection bike is not impossible, but it can be difficult in bikes which have got a more complicated mechanism in it.

To start a fuel-injected motorcycle you must have to pressurize the fuel system and then initiate the computers and the sensors and have enough juice left over for the engine to fire the ignition system in the motorcycle.

For fuel-injected motorcycle having a dead battery, the push starting time would be just longer. It is recommended to use a downhill as a helper in motion.

While push-starting you have to get the rear wheel of the motorcycle to turn the engine long enough for the system generator to produce enough power to operate the fuel pump, computers, sensors, and the ignition system.

It is recommended to pull out the fuses of light and other battery conserving elements.

Can a motorcycle without a kick start, run without a Battery?

Well if you are facing this problem then the answer to this question may disappoint you. 

Even after rewiring the engine coil to the stator, there won’t be enough power generated for the compression of the engine without a kick start, which will not let the engine start in the first place.