52 Female Motorcycle Clubs In USA

In recent times, we see a lot of females taking interest in motorcycle riding, in different spheres of motorcycling, from touring to stunting and racing to off-roading. A woman pulls herself through numerous Problems faced by a Female Biker. Problems such as choosing ideal motorcycles or gears, societal pressure, discriminations, safety stress, so on. Moreover, it is really awful to state it is truly difficult for females to travel solo

Most of the female riders, tours with either boyfriends or some male groups. But the glee amidst all there is, with an emerging number of the female ride across the globes, the motorcycle group solely for women riders are gradually growing. 

Motorcycle touring is truly funfilled when you travel in groups, enjoying the breezy roads and superb fellows. Traveling in groups not only enhances safety but also makes the trip more enjoyable. 

How many female motorcycle clubs are in the United States?

In the United States of America, approximately 20% of the total motorcycle riders comprises of females riders. The female motorcycle riders are on way inclining to a greater number and thus leading to the development of female motorcycle rider based groups. 

Some of these famous female motorcycling group in the United States are as follows:

Clubs in the North-Eastern states of the United States Of America:

1. New England Thunder, Massachusetts: 

Motto: Taking Women’s Motorcycling By Storm. 

The New England Thunder group unites the women who have a motorcycle and a desire to ride. They do not have any hard and fast rules or levels to accept as group members. The members solely celebrate their love for motorcycles with the loud engine sound and surpassing the wind with crazy speed. 

They members with better riding experience help out the fellow new members to ride safe and other required guidance and supervision needed. The group is actively seeking new members and intends to grow as a bigger and better group soon. 

The members of the groups belong from different walks of life, from being a company employee to a company secretary, a designer to medical professionals, models to homemakers. 

The club members associate every second Wednesday of the month, at Hearth n’ Kettle restaurant, 151 Main St. in Weymouth, at 5.30 PM.  

The rides arranged by this group vary in length, depending on the destinations. Any women willing to join the group may join by attending the meeting at the above-mentioned location. The group members are charged a decent amount for looking after the ride ways, delivering a t-shirt to a new rider, who joins the group, and so on. 

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2. Boston Area Bike Enthusiast Sisters (B.A.B.E.S.), Massachusetts:

Boston Area club

The group was formed in the year 2001 by a few female motorcycle enthusiasts. The group consists of women of all age groups and professions. But the only thing that unites all the women of the group is their mutual love for motorcycles and passion towards riding. 

They have grown this love for a motorcycle from the different incident they have happened to experience, some chose to join the group to forget all the drudgeries of life, while some wanted to experience the thrills of touring, some chooses this as a happy pill after all the reality-based hardships. And each member of the group encourages each other and thus it stands at such stead in the present time. 

The group also motivates new riders to taste the love for motorcycling. They hugely celebrate sisterhood and love among the group and stands as 85 strong members, riding their motorcycles and celebrating. 

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3. Libelle Sisters Riding Club – LSRC, Connecticut:

Libelle sisters club

The group was founded in October 2015, with an ambition of motivating and influencing women to choose to ride motorcycles. Other than being a female riding club, it is an organization, that empowers females to ride fuel charged unicorns. They offer motorcycle safety course training and scholarship. 

The founder initiated the group in the memory of her beloved sister who demised in a motorcycle accident, who was a motorcycle enthusiast and does charity. They portray sisterhood and utmost love through their synced riding while touring and reaching out to people who are seeking help. 

Their formulation of membership is classified into subgroups as,  Active Members, Associate Members and Newbies. They also enable a specific tenure free membership and have various other formulations to maintain the group’s works. 

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4. Diamond Girlz, Massachusetts:

diamond girlz

Motto: A Cut Above The Rest.

The Diamond Girlz Motorcycling Club was established in 2007, December, by Mz. Pink in Boston, Massachusetts. Officially the club was established in the year 2008. The club began its journey with 8 females with common motorcycling passion, sisterhood, and willingness to do productive fr the community they were creating. 

The official establishment of the club in 2008 marks the first event organized by the Diamond Girlz club. Each diamond of the Diamond Girlz group promotes respect and friendship in true sense. The group also encourages and is carrying forward several charity based works and social services. 

Some of the members of the eminent group have also shined out in numerous newspapers, magazines, and videos. The members are from different professional backgrounds united by a passion and love for riding. 

Participation in the club is accessible to all the females who own a motorcycle with a legal motorcycling license and solely understand and respects the norms of the club. 

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5. Moving Violations Motorcycle Club, Massachusetts:

moving violations club

Motto: Take it slow, keep it tight.

It is the oldest female motorcycling club in Boston, which is well established. The riding club was established in 1985. And to date manages to retain their prestige and dignity. They serve as a charitable trust too and they ride by focussing Ride Safe belief. 

Few female riders who share mutual feelings towards motorcycles joined hands to form this group in 1985. The women kept on inspiring and encouraging many females who aspire but lacks the courage to move ahead with their passion and love for motorcycles. 

The group organizes camping trips, bowling, movies, picnics. Not only fun programs but also they arrange a number of safety courses, spontaneous rides, and fundraisers. 

They have a scheduled yearly plan about the whole year of various seasonal events and proceeding which is intended to be carried out. This is a great female riding team that has evolved through leaps and bound scribbling the societal norms regarding female motorcycle riding. 

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6. Bitches on Bikes Motorcycle Club, New York:

bitches on bikes club

The club emphasizes on  Friendship and Sisterhood between the club members. It was born with positive imaginations for empowering women and was founded on 28 August 2008.

The club was established by a group of friends and mutual efforts helped them walk long ways of success, helping, guiding, embracing new female motorcycle riders who exhibit desires to ride motorcycles.  

The club carries out several campaigns to promote female riders and improve their efforts towards chasing their passion for motorcycle riding.

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7. Road Diamonds, New Jersey:

It is a group created by a group of female riders, who does tour at intervals, encouraging many others who are interested in motorcycle riding. The group is located in Pennsylvania. They celebrate friendship among the group members and have no membership restriction and its no charges are taken to be a member of the particular group.

The tours organized by these groups vary from hours to single-day ride, depending on the destination. Women from all walks of life are a part of this group. 

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8. Sirens Women’s Motorcycling Club, New York City:

sirens women's club

Founded in the year 1986, it is the largest and oldest motorcycling club in New York City. The members’ states, the name of the group has been chosen from a list of possibilities that included Skid Lids and Sister Spokes! Artist in residence Lori created the artwork that became our club colors.

The club organizes meetings and events to discuss and execute various tours and discussions at regular intervals. They charge a membership fee of $40.00 approximately. 

The club has been a part of Pride Parade since 1986 and continues to carry forward the legacy yet today. 

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9. New Jersey Road Sisters Motorcycling Club, Central New Jersey:

New jersey Road sisters club

Motto: Riding the roads of New Jersey and beyond.

United by the mutual love for motorcycling and desire of flying on two wheels, the women came along and led to the foundation of the club in Central New Jersey. Women, who are a part of the club come from different walks of life and differing motorcycle riding experience. Some have conquered miles on their motorcycles while some sets to start their first motorcycle ride with the group.

Members from Staten Island also joins the club. The club with all its members schedules beautiful trips and tour prioritizing entertainment and fun learning in vivid aspects. 

The New Jersey Road Sisters, host bi-weekly bike nights to learn about riding, packing, routing, and more and sometimes just to enjoy each other’s company. They encourage members taking courses such as CPR, First Aid, Accident Scene Management, Ride Like a Pro, and Advanced Skills Training. 

They have numerous traveling stories to O Canada, 75th annual Sturgis Rally, and so on.

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10. Miss Fries, New York City:

It is a Brooklyn based all female motorcycle riding group. The initial jolt to start the motorcycling club was propagated via text message when 34 years old Corinna Mantlo reached out to some fellow female riders for a ride to dinner. That marked the beginning of the group’s rides and the group extended with time and more rides. 

The club consists of more than 100 women of age running from the 20s to  60s, with their own fueled machines such as Yamaha, Ducati, BMW, Triumphs, Hondas, Suzukis, etc. 

Despite the different background, they come fro the synchronized pace of their motorcycle while traveling and their passionate ride binds their together as a family. 

These rising groups actually nail down the so-called statement of Motorcycling being a manly sport and are acquiring heights encouraging many others to do the same. 

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Clubs in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States Of America:

11. Maiden’s Choice Women Motorcycling Club, Maryland:

maiden choice club

The club is for the females who love riding and want to keep up with motorcycles. The club was founded in the year 2015. Apart from being a motorcycling club for females, it does charity and has donated $2000 (approximately) to Casey Cares annually since it was founded. 

They promote socializing with people with like mindsets and reaching out to help the ones who seek help unanimously. 

The group associates itself motorcycle events such as Special Olympics, animal rights, Alzheimer’s Association, Muscular Dystrophy Association, ALS, Franklin Square Homeless Shelter, Franklin Square NICU, the Wounded Warrior Project and more to support many for charities.

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12. Out Riders Women Motorcycling Club, Washington D.C.:

out riders club

This is a group for the female who flaunts Pride, the women who represent the LGBT community and loves to ride motorcycles. The group was founded in the year 2014, where a small lesbian group began riding motorcycles, which now stands at a good position, where the club members travel together, have fun and experience the joy of riding. 

The group is based on Maryland, Virginia, and Washinton D.C.  

The club also takes part in various charity events every year. The team now consists of 25 members approximately. 

They organize rides to Skyline drive, Gettysburg, over the Bay Bridge and other locations in and around the VA, MD, DC area. 

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13. Fat Bottom Girlz, Florida:

Fat bottom girlz

This motorcycling club for female riders was founded in the year 2008. The riders in the groups claim its more fun to ride in a group with like-minded and similar spirited riders than in riding solo. A bond of sisterhood ties the knots between the members of the group and the club is made of women of all age groups and professions. 

They stand by liberal outlook and have women from the LGBT community too. The only thing they look for in the riders is interest in riding and exploring the fun in life and nothing else. 

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14. Amazons Florida Motorcycling Club, Florida:

amazons florida club

It is a female motorcycling group that embraces the joy of riding along with commit to work for charitable endeavors. The membership of the club is accessible to all female riders irrespective of caste, religion, colors, or sexual orientation. They promote pride and warmly welcomes women from the LGBT community. The club formulates on the basis of sisterhood, friendship, and laws to have decent rides.

The club runs by the six principles of, Love, Honor, Truth, Respect, Loyalty, and Commitment. 

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15. Ribbon Riders Female Motorcycling Club, Florida:

ribbon riders club

Motto: Relief on the road, to fight breast cancer. 

The female motorcycle group is an amazing female motorcycling group that not only empowering numerous females but also stands strong to provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients. This is a great initiative taken by the club and they have achieved spontaneous results through their campaign and have helped many women. 

The breast cancer assistance was propagated in the memory of late Laura, an active member of the club who battled with breast cancer. They host and also take part in various riding events and uses fundings to help out breast cancer patients and their families.

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 16. Twisted Sisters Ladies Motorcycling Club:

twisted sisters club

This is a Florida based motorcycling club for ladies, which works focussed on loyalty, laws, friendship, and sisterhood. Anyone with a love towards motorcycle and want to enjoy riding experience with a group is eligible to join the group.  

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17. Bomber Girls Ladies Riding club, Georgia:

Bomber girls club

Bomber Girls is a ladies riding club that motivates and reaches out to females who is passionate about riding motorcycles. Apart from being a rider club, it takes greater and better initiatives for the military and veterans. It donates to support the troops with care kits and other necessary equipment. Through the fund raised, they serve this great purpose. Anyone can be a club member and put their right step ahead to help them in this great contribution and motive. 

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18. Ladyfingers Female Motorcycling Club, Georgia:

This is a grep of female riders from Georgia, riding in the streets of Atlanta, on their vintage motorcycles. Their brandings include tees, jackets, tattoos, stickers, buttons, etc. 

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19. Street Angles, Georgia:

street angels club

The motorcycling club for female was founded in the year 2003, by an awe-inspiring woman. The journey to form and make this club successful began from a local restaurant. It is a group for professional motorcycle riders, who loves enjoying the breeze while touring on their two wheels.  

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20. Caramel Curves, Louisiana:

caramel curves

The Caramel Curves is not just a group of daredevils who do tricks and pop wheelies. If you wish to become a member of the caramel curve it is necessary to have done a short, and long rides, obstacle course, and sixty hours of community or social service. 

The riders of this eminent club were featured The steve Harvey show for their love for bikes and passionate riding. The group extracted therefrom the complexion of the club members. 

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21. Asphalt Sisters Female Riding Club, North Carolina:

asphalt sisters

The riding group is based on the partnership of rides of the western mountains of Noth Carolina. The club consists of a motorcyclist from all realms of life, and genre. The female riders have minimal or vivid riding experiences but are bing together by a similar force of riding pace. 

The unanimous sisterhood and independence have led to the development of the club in a larger platform with time. 

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22. Women on Wheels Female Motorcycling Club:

women on wheels club

WOW, women on wheels is a female riders club, founded in 1982, that aims at uniting all the female motorcycle enthusiasts, with promoting the positivity about motorcycling. Whether you intend to be a rider or a passenger, an expert or newbie, can participate in the group rides. 

If someone wants to experience, explore, learn, teach, and enjoy riding a motorcycle, women on Motorcycles, female riding group ought to be a great choice. The club members are between their 20s to 80s and belong to the different professions of the society. 

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23. Wind Sister, South Carolina:

wind sisters club

Motto: Reveal your inner biker chick.

The journey of Wind sister began with five female motorcycle enthusiasts. They began with weekly rides, and they encouraged and invited many similar females to join their club. The base of the club comprises of love and dedication towards motorcycles and rides. 

Their aim is do so positive works for the society they live in and hence raised funding to celebrate their sisterhood and friendship through social works. 

Any female who has a sincere love for motorcycle scan engage themselves with the works of Wwintersister and be a part of the club. 

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24. Furies Female Motorcycling Club, Illinois:

furies female club

This is a female motorcycle club in the Chicagoland Area, established on June 6th, 2010 by six members. This is an adverse group encouraging women to ride from many areas of the country and marching towards growing the club bigger and better. 

The club propagates for women’s life beyond family and profession. This is a platform for independent girls with motorcycling passion. 

The club focusses on personal safety and sisterhood when traveling for rides along with the group. 

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25. Organized Chaos Chicago, Illinois:

organized chaos club

It is a non-profitable organization that commits itself to create a group for the passion of female motorcycle riders. Their aim is to empowering women and driving them to a better place by chasing their love for motorcycles. 

They are associated with numerous, charity events and pride movements. They do their job of empowering women with fun rides, thrilling experience, and lots of enjoyable activities. 

The ladies join the club from a different realm of professions and rides united with same love and passion for motorcycles.

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26. Chrome Vixens, Indiana:

chrome vixen

The club of girls embraces sisterhood and enjoys the joy of riding under the membership of the Chrome Vixenns Motorcycling Club for Females.  It is structured to be a traditional motorcycling club for women. The members’ experiences and empower women who are inclined towards motorcycle riding.

The club also propagates charity and rally events. The only goal of the club is to get more women to ride motorcycles in the days to come.

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27. Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club, Kansas:

Krome kitty club

It is an old, well-known female motorcycle riding group, which looks after in bringing up females who are interested in motorcycle riding. The club organizes rides once every month in the riding season. 

The rides are single-day rides or three to six hours usually. 

The club associates with the Wichita Family Crisis Center, which is an organization that provides safety and support to women and children escaping domestic violence. Thus, the Krome Kitty Club receives a recognization through the good deeds od the club member, which they earn through riding motorcycles. 

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28. Free Spirit Chapter, Michigan:

free spirit club

Formed in 1995 as a part of the National riding group, the club engages to work with and for motorcycle riding women. The club became independent in 2005 and made its own recognition. The club covers all of SE Michigan with members in Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Wayne,  Washtenaw, and Jackson counties.

Women are the fastest-growing segment in recent times and to help the growing mass Free spirit stands to empower the passionate motorcycling women.

For the membership of the club, it only requires your love for motorcycling and traveling and nothing else. 

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29. Guilty Girlz, Michigan:

Guilty Girlz Club

Guilty Girlz Motorcycling club is the first women’s riding club to be inducted into the Michigan Confederation of Clubs (MCOC). It aims at supporting and funding for children and adults alike suffering from cancer, support local schools, working with animals in need, and local charities.

The group of female riders binds by sisterhood works for empowering women for walking for chasing their passion of motorcycle riding.  The club members designate the club as a home away from home and a and the second family for all the riders. 

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30. Dahlias Motorcycle Riding Club, Michigan:

Dahlias Motorcycle club

It is an all frame riding club for female motorcycle enthusiasts. The aim of the club is to inspire other women to ride and create a safe and normal riding environment for female bikers. Age, experience, and motorcycle type are not tagged as unconsiderable parameters for joining the group. 

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31. Lady Rider of Faribault H-D, Minnesota:

Lady Rider of Faribault

This is a group of riders who has mutual love and passion for bike riding and wants to inspire the other female too. Spouse, mom, volunteer, medicare specialist, women from all fields of life contributes to the group. Their aim is to grow their passion amidst like-minded souls and sharpen each other skills. 

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32. Good Vibrationz Ladies Riding Club, Missouri:

Good Vibrationz club

The club is for motorcycle enthusiasts ladies-only. Motorcycle riding club representing Randolph, Macon, and Chariton Counties in Missouri. The goal of the group is to help in our communities and to serve as positive role models for future generations of lady riders.

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33. Distinguished Divas, Wisconsin:

Distinguished Divas club

Distinguished Divas Motorcycling Club is a female motorcycle club that has been built on the foundation of Respect, Honesty, and trust. The club empowers a number of motorcycles minded women and a better life to the female motorcycle enthusiasts. 

It is a growing motorcycling group which aims to gain greater momentum in days to come.

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34. Freedom Sisterhood Women’s Motorcycling Club, Colorado:

Freedom Sisterhood club

The destination for the passionate female rider, which abides by all the safety laws and regulations. The only identification required to be a part of this group is to be a female and necessarily a motorcycle rider. They greet new riders with happiness. The love bond is tied between the club members emphasized their love for motorcycles.  

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35. Mile High Sisters of Colorado:

Mile High sisters

This riding group is based out of the Lakewood, Littleton, and Parker area, most of the social meetings and ride meet-ups happen in the nearby surrounding area

The club was formed to united women by the passion for motorcycle riding. It is all about knowing the roads and finding perfect mates to ride with. 

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36. The Scarlet Header Motorcycling Groups for Females:

The scarlet Header

The group solely emphasizes uniting female riders under a roof of the motorcycling club, which helps them to grow bigger with their passion. The whole club works on encouraging, helping, and learning from fellow riding mates. 

The group was founded in August 2014. Females of all ages groups and professions join the club and set out to ride with like-minded teammates. The wholesome idea of the club is to encourage other women to choose for their own selves and grow the motorcycling ideas for women. 

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37. Tenacious Dames Riding Club, Montana:

tenacious Dames Riding Club

My club dreams to be a way for women to meet and ride together. To find friendship as well as strength and empowerment within the club. Ride their bikes and grow as riders with other women riders. What happened, was and is, more than that, way more. I have found it is a place for WOMEN to heal old wounds, trust again, build friendships, believe in themselves again, and become stronger. We are all here for our own reasons and the common interest that brings us together is the riding.”

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38. Girls Riding Independently and Proud Female Motorcycling Club, Oregon:


The sole purpose of the group is to unite the female who craves to ride but hold themselves back from riding solo. The club enables the riders to motivate other riders to improve their riding skill by being guided by the senior or higher experienced riders in the group. 

The group consists of a group of women from Portland. They inspire other females to ride on motorcycles and celebrates unity and socializing and experiencing the taste of rides through sisterhood and friendship among the club members.

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39. Northwest Iron Maiden Riding Club, Washington D.C.:

northwest Iron Maiden Club

The club was founded in January 2012 to bring together all the female riders who have a mutual interest in motorcycling and have a fascination with traveling. The Club was founded in the Pacific Northwest. 

The members of the group belong from different working backgrounds and age groups, but they are united by sisterhood and friendship. This group aims for women who ride for their own and enjoys the company of fellow riders. To be a member of the group one needs to only abide by the terms of the group and respect the fellow group members. 

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40. Rainier Ravens, Washington D.C.:

Rainier Ravens Club

The club stands for the females who are passionate about riding motorcycles and embraces the motorcycling culture in Seattle. The club hosts and participates in many events and rallies. This is overall for female rider welfare, to learn from it, and to deliver the skills to newbies if one hs better riding experiences. 

The club organizes a yearly campout, where are the members meet and a monthly meet to plan out and organize events. 

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41. Warrior Angels, Washington DC :

Warrior Angel Riders (WAR), born in the year 2017, based upon the four-lettered word, BEST, which implies, Beauty, Empowerment, Strength, and Trust.  The club named it after a few members of their group who battled down breast cancer and are real-life warriors. 

The club members are friends to each other, sisters at the time, as mentors too when required. This makes the whole group riding experience very enjoyable. And anyone with a motorcycle who wills and urges to ride in the group can join the club. 

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42. Phoenix Motor Girls Riding Club, Arizona:

phoenix motor girl

You may be the owner of Harley, Yamaha, Ducati, or Suzuki, but you be apart of the club. You need to be a motorcycle enthusiast to work along and travel with this club is a great friendly environment. 

The club officials host ride-outs, events, tours and rallies for their members. The sisterhood holds the group members united. Thus, any female who loves to ride and interest in riding with other riders can surely join the club. 

Click here to visit the Facebook page of the Phoenix Motor girls Riding club

43. Bella Gypsies Female Riding Club, California:

bella gypsies club

This is a family of strong women who rides motorcycle and enjoys inspiring million other female to bring out their love for motorcycle riding. The club was founded in 2010. The club has members from all over Ventura and Los Angeles. The club revolve around sisterhood and close bond among the fellow club members. The club laws and regulations are made flexible and in a way so that it does not cause a clash between a women’s responsibility and dream. 

The two founders of the group are Minnie and Lynne.

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44. Curve Unit Female Motorcycling Club, California:

curve unit club

The club serves the propose of upholding the dedication and rigid fascination of women who are crazy about motorcycles. It helps them to find friends wit similar like and rides with friends in motorcycles is an amazing experience. The club behaves as a family where the member helps each other in improving skill and way of riding. The rides arranged by the club are organized under the supervision of experienced riders, for highest level of safety. 

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45. Devil Dolls Female Riding Club, California:

devil dolls club

It was founded in the year 1999, February 14, to empower female riders and help them fly with a like-minded friend by simply joining a riding club. 

The club promotes sisterhood and friendship among the club members. The club is known for its diverse membership and has evolved to larger stead from a timid few person’s groups. It is a family for females who has a common love for riding. 

The club is known as ‘Wild West’, with members from Southern California to Washington D.C. and all the locations in between. 

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46. Dykes on Bikes Female Riding Club, California:

Dykes on Bikes

Oldest in the USA is this motorcycling group, that was founded in the year 1976 and grew as a successful motorcycling club for women which has inspired, encouraged, and empowered many female motorcycle enthusiasts. 

The evolution of the group happened when a small group of the member whose lets to its foundation rode at the front of the SF Pride Parade. The legacy has been carried on for four decades now. 

The club is open to any female who is interested in motorcycles and wants to ride along with a female motorcycling group. 

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47. Head Turners Riding Club, California:

head turners club

The classy ladies riding club, who is of utmost interest in motorcycle riding and love nurturing bits of knowledge of motorcycles are ideal this club of California. The primary principles of the Head Turners organization stand as; safe riding, honesty, integrity, and genuine respect of other riders and to everyone within the group.

The club was founded on 20th October of 2017.  Head Turners was founded by Kristin Peterson. The club is recognized by the purple and white colors. The members of the group are expected to empower other women, enhance the integrity, and needs to be beautiful from within, and enjoy helping others be a better rider.

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48. Lost Girls Motorcycling Club, California:

Lost Girls club

The group was founded in 2006 and nurtures the female riders who ride with the same force and dedication and celebrities’ utmost love for motorcycles. The female riders designate freedom and independence. 

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49. Valley Vixens Motorcycle Riding Clubs, California:

Valley vixens club

This is one such club that utterly defines sisterhood and works for enhancing the relationship between the riders of the group. Honestly and loyalty keeps the club strong and going. The members of the clubs come from different walks of life. But are bound by a similar passion for motorcycling.

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50. True Heart Motorcycling Club for Females, California:

true heart club

Based on the twin concept of trust and loyalty, the club grew up to be a successful motorcycling club for females. We are dedicated to the support of our MC family, fundraising for charitable causes, and fighting for our constitutional rights through political advocacy. 

Click here to know more about the club

51. Xtreme Vixens Motorcycling Club, California:

xtreme vixen club

In 2006, Founder Nina, aka Chixxr, established the Sanctioned Motorcycling Club named  Xtreme Vixens. It is first sanctioned motorcycling group for females in Las Vegas, to flaunt the Female Motorcyclist. 

The club to Northern California in 2008. In 2012, the club opened for all the two-wheeler female rider than only being accessible to sportbike owners, for it believes two-wheel riders are the things that should be promoted rather than categorizing it. 

Xtreme Vixens believe in building a solid sisterhood of strong, independent, and responsible women who are enthusiastic about riding motorcycles.

Click here to know more about the Xtreme Vixens Motorcycling Club

52. Bling Devas Female Motorcycling Group, Nevada:

Bling Club

It is all women motorcycling club founded in Las Vegas, Bling Devas MC is committed to giving back in the communities we ride in.  We support our Veterans past and present, particularly those with unseen injuries such as PTSD.

We are committed to helping eliminate childhood hunger and getting teens off the streets. 

BLING LIFE, that is propagated by The Bling Devas Group prompts, 

B-Beauty Within



N-NO Drama

G-Give Back in the community we ride in. 

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