What happens if you crash a motorcycle on a test ride?

 Test Drives are important and fun until you bump into some unwelcoming situation. Important because if help you in estimating your compatibility with the motorcycle. And necessarily fun because you ride the motorcycle for the very first time you have been planning to buy and enjoy riding. Make sure to know all the necessary aspects you must look for when test riding a motorcycle.

Accidents are very uncertain and motorcycle accidents probably top the list. Statics unfurls, about 78.3% of reported crashes result from motorcycle crashes, and among which, 4.24% of crashes are fatal. The United Kingdom Department for Transport indicates that motorcycles have 16 times the rate of serious injuries compared to car accidents. 

Thus it is better not to think that since test rides are a matter or short turn you do not need to know basic law and regulations about motorcycle riding or need not be much skilled a motorcycle rider. If you think so, then you are majorly mistaken, my friend. For no matter how short or long you ride, how experienced a rider you are, you are ought to abide by the rules, know the basic mechanism, and must be eligible to ride on roads. 

The day you decide and set out for purchasing a motorcycle make sure to take a test ride of the same and dare not forget to carry motorcycle license if required for a test ride, or motorcycle insurance if needed. The necessity of these documents during a test ride of motorcycle solely depends on state laws. Also remember to carry your protective kit and gear along with yourself which includes, helmets, riding jackets, boots, etc.

Accidents are uncertain and can take place anytime. Accidents during motorcycle test rides are very common. The reasons behind this could be, 

Either you are a new ride, not much skilled, and buying your first motorcycle. You face a crash for being inadequately skilled. 

Or, you are too confident about your riding skills you might meet a crash for unfamiliarity between your motorcycle and the new vehicle you are about to purchase. 

If you crash a motorcycle in a test ride, the issues of who would be held responsible for the damages caused as a result of the accident is an often asked question. 

Generally, for the concerned damages caused by an accident during a test ride, which includes, medical bills, economic loss, and long-term healthcare fall under the responsibility of the motorcycle rider. Usually, people assume that the driver of the motorcycle bears the responsibility for the loss. However, this may not necessarily be true. 

The motorcycles which are up for sale and subsequently test rides are most of the time insured by the seller or the dealer. If that is the case, the dealer might penalize a decent amount and take charge of the matter. But if he does not hold insurance then you would be demanded to pay the damages done. 

Note: If the dealer does not have an insurance policy for the motorcycles at his dealership,

You might take a smart step after going through the legal rules and laws for the motorcycle of your state. Where you can legally fight the dealer for not having an insured motorcycle and letting his customer test ride them. 

Since in most states, it is a dealer’s responsibility to have the responsibilities of all possibilities and problems when providing you with a motorcycle to test ride. 

Therefore, before permitting any customer to test drive a motorcycle, the dealer should take up the responsibility to explain the mechanism and functionality of the motorcycle from top to bottom along with the handling characteristics of the bike. 

The dealer must explain the rider of the commands necessary to ride the motorcycle safely, irrespective of whether he is a experienced or non-experienced rider. Some riders (inexperienced rider) may even need direction in the proper use of the throttle and the clutch.

The salesperson has a responsibility to determine whether or not the person who is going out on the test drive has the skills and the mental and physical capacity to be driving that particular motorcycle. But, unfortunately, few dealers or salespeople will tell a customer who intends to purchase a motorcycle that he or she cannot take the bike for a test drive.

In any sort of motorcycle crash, a thorough investigation should be processed to claim who is liable. Depending on the cause for the crash during a test ride the liability either comes to the salesperson or to the rider. In case of any mechanical issue, the dealer is held liable while if the rider has inadequacies in skills and not much aware of legal regulations, then he or she would be penalized with a fine. 

What to do after you crash a motorcycle on a test ride?

First and foremost be conscious about your health, seek emergency help for any if you are caused any medical injury. Because following an accident your greatest concern should be your health and safety. Physical items can be replaced but your life. 

If you are not much injured and fit to stand straight and behave normal, it is recommendable to take out a few pictures, or more preferably a video with your smartphone in the accident location. Closely capture the motorcycle without changing the position of the motorcycle or even touching it. 

Make sure to call for the police. Subsequently, obtain the police report.

File an insurance claim, by interrogating the dealer since you haven’t become the owner of the motorcycle yet. 

Contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Let the lawyer you appointed to investigate your accident and uncover relevant facts to support your case and determine liability. The lawyer can also handle communicating and negotiating with insurance companies and fight to get full and fair compensation for your injuries and related losses. 

Amidst all, you have to keep calm and deal practically and carry out the entire procedure legally. Do not compromise for easy settlements.