Top 8 Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Before we start to choose the best gloves to wear for our tours and regular city rides in a motorcycle, it is important to know,

Why do bikers wear gloves?

The glove is one of the important parts of a Biker’s Outfit to ensure full safety to the motorcycle riders. It helps in keeping your hands dry by absorbing sweat. It enhances the rider’s better grip on the handlebar. 

Gloves help you to have a better comfortable ride when riding in the chilly cold days, at the same time right selection of glove with proper venting helps in a good summer ride, preventing sweating of hands. 

Never compromise on your safety apparels while riding a motorcycle. Riding far or throttling around the corner, it is always better to wear your motorcycling gear. 

Riding becomes super hectic in summers yet a rider cannot compromise on her gears and safety accessories. Just like Helmets, Jackets, Pants, Boots, gloves is an important gear. But the choice of the gloves should be made very carefully, as every manufacturer has different size ratios, so whenever buying gloves make sure to crawl down the size chart very carefully and also read the return policy essentially.

What are the best summer motorcycle gloves?

After some researches, we are here to help you choose the best for your ride, here we list down the 8 best motorcycling gloves for summer rides:

1. Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air V2 Motorcycle Riding Glove:

Buying a product from such a brand which is known for its authenticity in all the motorcycling gears. Be it, helmets, jackets, pants, or gloves Alpinestar continues to provide products to the motorcycle riders which are great quality-wise, comfortable for the riders, durable and reasonable pricing. 

What are the features of Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air V2 Motorcycle Riding Glove?

Premium leather and mesh is used to make these fine pair of gloves. Strategic construction with proper perforation and mesh for higher breathability makes it a wonderful piece and a great choice for summer rides. 

For abrasion resistance and better impact on grips over the handlebars, the glove has a specialized knuckle protection system. 

It has Synthetic suede zones and side padding reinforcement for durability and high comfort. This also helps in enhancing resisting abrasion.

It has a loop closure system to tighten the gloves as per the rider’s requirement. It comes with stretch zones on the fingers and backhand for comfort. It helps in flexibility and better hand movement during the ride. 

The Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air V2 Motorcycle Riding Glove has a very stylish look, it gives a sporty look.  It is available in four color choices and combinations.  It would look the best when worn with the Alpinestars Stella Andes Pro Drystar Jacket.

It is available in six varying sizes. This exclusive choice can be a great choice for the female riders too as it ensures all the protection and comfort with the added essence of style statement.

Alpinestars Men's 1 Air v2 gloves

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2. Joe Rocket Men’s Eclipse Gloves:

Ideal for Street-sport-motorcycles, Street touring motorcycles, Street cruiser motorcycles, All-terrain vehicles, joe Rocket Eclipse Gloves is a premium choice for motorcycle riders irrespective of gender. 

What is the feature that makes Joe Rocket Eclipse Gloves a premium choice?

Made of Utility grade span or poly chassis with great ventilation, that enables high breathability has enhanced its choice over any other gloves by all users. 

One more iconic feature about the specific glove is it has a conductive material at the top of the index finger for touch screen accessibility. 

To check on the flexibility, it has TPR reinforced knuckle system. It helps in the comfortable movement of fingers and thus better grip over the handlebars.

It has a high technological upgraded and user-friendly pre-curved design.

It ensures high comfort to the rider, with its leather fixed palm. It put the bars high on durability and its integrated venting system and makes it ideal for summer usage.

It is available in two colors black and black and brown combined. The gloves are available in six sizes.

Joe Rocket Eclipse Gloves

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3. Dainese Desert Poon D1 Unisex Gloves:

With a great stylish look, and high protection coverage Dainese Desert Poon D1 Unisex gloves are great for any rides in any weather. The semi-heavy yet vented glove is absolutely suitable for winter as well as summertime rides. 

What are the features of Dainese Desert Poon D1 Unisex Gloves?

Made of synthetic leather suede palm for comfort, which also makes it highly durable. 

It has a highly integrated smart touch technology attached for making it user friendly and you need not always remove your glove when using your touch screen device in-between rides for halts. 

It has a reflective logo, which gives a very cool look. 

The breathable and stretchable fabric makes it comfortable in summer and flexible respectively.

The neoprene cuff is adjustable and helps in the proper fitting of the piece. 

It is available in a wide range of sizes.

Dainese Desert Poon D1 Gloves

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4. Spidi Flash R Evo Gloves:

Nothing can be a better choice for buying gloves which a single pair assures, safety protection, durability, proper ventilation, flexibility, and style orders. It’s strategically positioned padding and technology-based design makes is one of the best gloves available for motorcycle riders.

What makes the Spidi Flash R Evo Gloves a great selection?

It is made of a combination of materials of mesh fabric, stretch fabric, leather, and neoprene with incorporated polyurethane protection in the area of the knuckles of a variable density for secure protection and comfort.

With accordion inserts on the finger and palm of very resistant microfiber element.

Reinforcements panels on the palm and sides of the palm to protection.

Silicon Insertion in the palm, for supreme grip, and index finger with advanced touch-sensitive material. And the strap on the wrist is made of velcro.

The glove is available in two colors and a wide range of size options. 

Spidi Flash R Evo Gloves

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5. Scorpion Exo Men’s Klaw II Gloves:

If you want to buy something which is not too expensive but high on quality and provides the best protection. , then this might be the best choice for you.

Scorpion Exo Jacket is also very suitable for riders, and especially for riding in summers for it is light and great in the venting system.

Why are Scorpion Exo Men’s Klaw II Gloves can be a great choice?

Marking it a full grade on looks, for its great stylish look. 

With a high style statement, it does not compromise with the protection and safety of the rider. Its TPU molded knuckle protection gives it a secure riding promise. 

It has pre-curved palm and fingers for better grip and more precisely comfortable with high grip.

The flexibility is enhanced by the TPR finger projectors. The rib stretch knuckle Expansion provides additional support and flexibility.

It has a hook and loop system for fitting at the wrist and has a neoprene wrist relief panel.

It will really look great with Street-touring-motorcycles, Street-cruiser-motorcycles, or sporting motorcycles. 

The DOT certification assures its no-compromise safety trust. It is available in two colors and a wide size variation. This can definitely be one a one in your wishlist. The venting system also makes it a popular choice.

Scorpion Exo Gloves

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6.Swift Unisex Motorcycle Gloves:

Strong and flexible with high longevity, the gloves are perfect to add on to better your riding experiences. It is greatly comfortable and great for summer.

What the features of the Swift Unisex Motorcycle Gloves?

It is rated number one for the highly sensitive touch screen feature on the index finger. And known as the ‘ Best Touchscreen in the Market’.

The Premium quality glove is made of high-quality leather and yet t is ideal for wearing in summer because of its integrated specialized vents.

PTK offers a double-layered padded leather reinforced palm for durability, abrasion resistance, and vibration support.

The glove’s fingers are pre-curved to assist with riding fatigue. Leather-covered knuckle guard for added impact support and durability.

Supreme airflow technology for maximum passage of air that helps to keep the rider’s palm dry and cool.

This is an iconic piece for male as well as female riders, for its ultimate protection guarantee. 

This has a premium wick airflow technology that makes it a popular choice.

Available in four beautiful colors and wide size option. 

Swift Unisex Motorcycle Gloves
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7. Fox Racing Sidewinder Glove:

It is a genius motorcycling glove for daily use as well touring, off-roading, for it can machine washed and it is made it in a way, that the machine washes does affect its quality or durability.

The material is a long-lasting fabric that makes it durable and serves the best protection.

What makes the Fox Racing Sidewinder Glove an ideal choice?

It is made of a light mesh fabric which makes it perfect apparel, especially for summer. 

For a better flow of air, Stretch mesh finger gussets are improvised. 

Single-layer Clarino palm with strategically placed perforations for flexibility and rider’s comfort. 

Absorbent micro-suede thumb and the TRUFEEL internal TPR knobbies direct injected at fingertips.

It is available in many colors and many sizes.

Fox Racing Glove

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8. Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Perforated Cruiser Gloves:

Someone who is looking for leather gloves, which can also be used in summers and are flexible and comfortable, then yes you may not hesitate about these premium pairs from Milwaukee.

What are the features that make it a great choice?

Mostly preferable for male riders, with leather yet light gloves, highly recommendable for cruiser riders.

It is uniquely perforated for good airflow, with gel palm technology for better grip over the handlebar and higher comfort.

Soft knuckles to ensure comfort to the rider, and well armored and highly protective.

It is available in six sizes but it has a restricted color option.

Milwaukee Leather Gloves
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Points to note when buying a motorcycle glove for yourself.

  • Buy authenticated and branded products, 
  • Check the size chart and then buy,
  • Go through the specifications carefully,
  • Read the warranty availability document carefully,
  • Make sure there is a return policy available for the product, (if buying online)