10 Best Ladies Helmets For Female Motorcycle Riders

 Riding a motorcycle is very prevalent in the modern era. For the sake of passion or profession, a lot of people take part in the sport of motorcycle riding. Touring, Stunting, Racing are various branches of motorcycle riding.

Irrespective of the different realm of motorcycling you ride, safety concern remains the most important factor.

One must not compromise on her gears and apparels. It is very important to know what makes a perfect outfit for a female motorcycle rider, which ensures her safety as well as gets well scored in the scale of style. 

Helmets, that tops the list of a motorcyclist’s outfit. Helmets are much important for riders. Helmets are known to prevent around 37 perfect chance of death in bike accidents. The same article unfurls it restricts a 67 percent chance of brain injury due to a bike accident. It is always necessary to remember that safety is a huge concern for a big day- all-day ride as well as a 

For every female rider today, style statement is a big factor. Thus, it becomes essential to choose a helmet that satisfies styling and also ensure a hundred percent safety. 

Know all the necessary points before choosing a perfect helmet for yourself. 

Do not forget to check on the comfort, size, and quality of the motorcycling helmet you choose to buy. 

For helping you choose the best, ensuring quality and styling, here we suggest some truly amazing choices of Helmets for female bikers. 

Following are the Best Helmets for a Female Rider:

 1. Shoei RF SR Helmet: 

The helmet by the Japanese Company, Shoei tops the list because it the perfect helmet one could ever ask for. Shoei, the company have been trying to launch quality product combining their innovation and listening to all the problems of riders. They have been trying to present the best of their offerings.  And all the hard works paid off. The product ensures high comfort to secure safety. Any female rider trying this, can not deny that it is worthy to buy. 

The key features of the Shoei RF SR Helmet are as follows:

  • The helmet weighs around 4.7 Pounds for the size XL. 
  • The Shoei RF SR is a  full-face helmet, with a fantastic classy look. 
  • The helmet is a dual-layer, multi-density EPS liner which facilitates better absorption and comfort.  
  • The helmet has plenty of vents, it has outflow vents on the top rear which prevents fogging up of visor even when riding on a humus day. 
  • The Helmet has intakes above the visor and below the chin.
  • It also has proper space around the ear for the usage of Bluetooth earpiece.
  • The Shoei helmet is available in a wide range of pretty solid colors. The color options available are black, deep matte grey, basalt grey, matte black, tangerine, and white. 
  • They are aerodynamically checked for wind tunnels. 
  • With vents, it can be a bit noisy, but the vents are to enhance the rider’s comfort level. 

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The Female rider’s helmet, Shoei RF SR comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty. Since it is best prescribed to change your helmet after every 5 years, thus it can be stated that 

It comes with a lifetime warranty. 

It comes with a little high pocket pinch. But it is worth the investment. It is to be noted that quality products always come for a premium price. 

2. LS2 Helmets Citation Vantage:

The LS2 Helmets, citation vantage is a full-face ideal for women helmet made to add a sporty look to the rider. The helmet makes a wonderful choice for the ones who want a strong yet light weighing helmet for themselves. And every female rider prefers a lightweight helmet over any. The oval-shape of the helmet ensures maximum protection and comfort to the women rider throughout the journey.

The key features of the LS2 Citation Vantage Helmet are as follows:

  • It weighs somewhere around 4 pounds, which is commendable and highly women-specific.
  • It has a dual shield system to protect the female rider’s eyes when riding under the sun, as most women prefer traveling during the daytime.
  • The sun shield opens and closes with a flip of a switch, which is accessible to operate with a gloved hand.
  • It comes with a good venting system, it has two vents on the forehead and one on the chin. The other two outflow vents at the back of the head for outflow are more than enough.
  • It is also well known for its integrated safety characteristics, like the patterns on the sides of the helmets glows for a consistent time period. This increases the safety of riding at the time.
  • The LS 2 Citation Vantage comes in 10 different shades and patterns. 
  • The color choices available for the same is seven, which includes, glossy dark Orion, matte black, hunter orange, shiny black, hunter tonal black, hunter white, vantage red, vantage yellow and razor. 
  • The chin strap is made in a way that can open with gloved hands.        

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The helmet is reasonably priced and a good option for women riders.  The only criteria it lacks is, it is not as tough as other helmets. To add on, a more chin vent would have enhanced the breathability and would have accelerated more comfort during long rides.

3. GDM DK 140 MB Duke Series Female Motorcycle Helmet:

Scoring absolutely best, from the stylish point of view it is an amazing choice for female riders. It is made up of lightweight poly-alloy, to make the helmet lightweight and popular among female users. The helmet structure is made for high protection and is also aerodynamic. It is a full-face helmet which is a great choice for women riders.

 The key features for the GDM DK 140 MB are as follows:

  • It weighs near about 3.8 Pounds. 
  • This is a no-frill, full-face helmet that does a great job.  
  • It comes with a dual visor. One is a standard transparent visor and the other is the sun visor to give extra protection.
  • It is known for its durability. 
  • The inside padding is soft and very comfortable. 
  • The double D shaped chin strap makes the helmet more secure while riding
  • The venting system is praiseworthy with two forehead vents and chin vents. 
  • The helmet allows a lot of airflows, as the chin area is open wider when compared with other full-face helmets.
  • The helmet comes is only one color and five size options. 
  • The color availability is matte black. 

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It comes with a warranty tenure of 3 years and by the standard law, it is quite a good option to choose. It is reasonably priced. The classy look and shape make it a popular choice among women riders.

4. Shoei Necton II Helmet:

The Shoei Necton II is another great creating of the Japanese Brand Shoei. Their creations are ever wonderful. Company Shoei still uses manpower to manufacture its products and maybe that is a big reason behind the success of their products. 

 The key features of the Shoei Necton II Helmet for women are as follows:

  • It is a flagship modular helmet by Shoei with extremely high durability.
  • The shape of the helmet is also very fascinating. The sleek shape gives it a stylish look.
  • It weighs somewhere around 8 pounds, which can be called as a drawback.

But this is because of the solid structure it has.

  • It is very flexible to use. Despite being a full-face helmet, it can also be accessed as a half coverage helmet. 
  • The company claims the claimed they made it with the thought of the rider’s comfort. The rider may change the full coverage to open helmet when in traffic or for a change when traveling.
  • The Necton two has a good venting configuration. With two vents upon the forehead and to vent near the chin makes the airflow well while riding. 
  • The helmet comes with a switch at the back of the helmet to bring down the sun visor and this integrated feature can be accessed with the rider gloves on.
  • The Helmet from Shoei comes in five varying sizes and nine color options. 
  • The color options that can be availed includes black, matte black, matte grey, wine red, Light silver, metallic matte blue, white, and wine. 

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Necton II comes with a warranty period of 5 years. In spite of being of the heaviest motorcycle helmets for women, you might feel your wallet light after paying for it. Well, it is a classic choice for it is authenticated. But it is recommended to check on the return policy before ordering it (if ordering online) because the size variation is restricted to some. 

5. Monarch Bell Vortex Female Motorcycle Riders Helmet:

The Company that manufactures the Bell Vortex women motorcycle rider’s helmet was the ones to built World’s First Helicopter. So how do you suspect ill about a helmet making?

It is made of light weighing polycarbonate alloy shell. It is extremely durable with ultra-thick padding and no discomforts near the jaw. 

 The key features of the Bell Vortex helmet are as follows:

  • It weighs 1 Pound, which makes it absolutely pleasureful.
  • If you choose the highest safety standards with high durability you can blindly trust on Vortex. 
  • It has a velocity Flow Ventilation which helps to keep the rider cool and this is one reason that makes it very famous among female riders.
  • The bike also has the Flow Adjust System to enhance, temperature control for a better choice of environment.
  • The helmet is very well ventilated, with two vents near the forehead and two on either cheek along with two other vents on the top for the outflow of air. 
  • It has an extra visor, the sun visor for extra protection for day time rides. At the same time it little unpleasant to ride with a sun visor at night time. 
  • There is a restriction in its size availability and color choice.
  • The interior of the helmet is removable and washable. 

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The Helmet cost much less when compared to other helmets. It assures a quieter journey because it has a padded wind collar that helps to keep wing sound exterior and even the traffic noise when riding in cities. The helmet is only available in XX-Large size, which is very unfortunate because it is truly a great helmet for woman rider, so if the size fits you don’t miss the chance to let it go. 

6. Freedconn Dual visor Women Motorcycle Helmets:

To be specific, the helmet gives defines technology and ensures we live in the highest state of modernization. Apart from being a full-coverage helmet, it is an absolutely comfortable product.

The helmet has an intercom Bluetooth system already built in it, which is remarkable. We often buy a helmet that has much space for using earpiece while riding but ‘ a helmet with Bluetooth system already built-in’ in something really remarkable. 

 Key features of the Freedconn Dual Visor Helmet are as follows:

  • It weighs somewhere near about 4.5 Pounds. 
  • The helmet ensures ultimate safety, with full face coverage, and also enables the rides to use it as an open helmet when needed. 
  • It also has an integrated sun visor, to avoid the difficulty in a ride during the daytime.
  • The light weighing ABS system comes with a wonderful and advanced ventilation system for better rider comfort.
  •  The best part is it comes with a Bluetooth set already installed in it to communicate with other riders at a distance up to 500 meters. 
  • It allows single button control for receiving calls, changing tunes, and connecting with your fellow riders. The button can be used with gloved hands.
  • The vents are well placed in the helmets to help the rider have the most comfort.
  • The Freedconn is available in a number of colors and is available in three sizes. The colors available are White, red, glossy black, and matte black.

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Since it has a Bluetooth system installed in it, it is better to read the return policy, warranty grants properly before buying. The size available is less and with more advanced features the size may different from standard sizes, so it is recommended to check the right size for your helmet. The amusing part is it comes with a very pocket friend’s price. But it lacks when it comes to durability.

7. Voss 303 Purple Eclipse Duals Lens DOT Three Quater women Motorcycle Helmet:

It is an unusual moderate style helmet which is not a full-coverage helmet but assures better safety than any half coverage helmet. It is a truly great open face helmet. If not exactly for the rider herself, it makes a great option available for passengers, that claims maximum protection and security.

Key features of the Voss 303 Purple Dual Lens DOT Three Quarter are as follows:

  • The weight of the Voss 303 Purple Eclipse is 2.876 Pounds.
  • It provides plenty of comfort to the rider for the interior can be removed fully.
  • Voss 303 Purple Eclipse has an integrated sun visor, which can be controlled by a single push of a button on the helmet,
  • It is recommendable to use lense when using sun visor. 
  • It has very thick padding on the neck to keep the helmet stable even when riding at a higher speed. 
  • The vents are very well placed in the helmet because it well channelizes the air and gives the ride a very comfortable ride. 
  • Apart from the open chin, it also has two vents on the forehead to assure enough flow of air on the top of the rider’s head.
  • The helmet is available in six sizes.
  • There are four color options to choose from, namely Matte black, matte black eclipse, glossy white, and white.
  • The Eclipse version is designed with a purple halo at the jaw which looks pretty shape.

The only factor to be bothered about is, it is not very light and that is a matter of concern for the female rider because women always tend to be more affectionate about light weighing helmets.

Moreover, it lacks a chin strap. It comes with a year’s warranty, so make sure you check the other customer reviews if you decide to go for the mentioned.

8. HJC CL-17 Streamline Women’s Full Face Motorcycle Helmet:

With a weight of around 2.89 Pounds, the HJC CL-17 is a highly favored helmet among the women motorcycle riders. It makes a great choice because of durability and lightweight. It is a very nice moisture absorbing property, to avoid discomfort due to wetness. The ventilation and padding make it very user preferred. 

Key features of the HJC CL-17 Streamline Women’s Helmet are as follows:

  • The padding inside the helmet is very thick and comforting, which hold the riders head and assures maximum safety.
  • It can be a great choice for competitive riders because the visor does not come up until you push the button.
  • The venting system is remarkable, with twin vents on either side of the jaw and the two behind the back of the head for the outflow of air.
  • The most admired feature with suits it to the bold features is, it is known to offer 95% UV Protection. 
  • It enables the removal of cheek pads for cleansing purposes. 
  • It is available in a specific size and color only.

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The budget it comes for is also appreciable. Checking down the review list we witnessed many a user demands for a modification in the vents, stating they wish if they could close the vent when drying in dry and cold days. The size restricts a lot of buys to buy the above HJC CL-17. Over the ones who fit into this, can surely give this a try.

9. HJC FG -Flutura Female Motorcycle Helmet:

The HJC FG-Flutura is a very stylish helmet. IT has an amazing round shape with a brilliant color combined patterns on it. It is extremely light and its features make it a great deal. It can be a smart buy to be specific. The padding and venting system also does a good job. 

 Key features of HJC FG-Flutura are as follows:

  • It is extremely light and durable and weighs approximately around 2.2Pounds.
  • The shell of the helmet is made up of kevlar and fiberglass matrix, which makes the helmet absolutely safe.
  • The material used is an advanced polymer, which used to stop bullets, so you can easily understand its safety measures.
  • Despite its splendid safety features, it is very light, which is very much liked by female riders.
  • This comes with a single visor which is like general standard helmets with a pull-up and down technique.
  • It has enough clearing for wearing sunglasses when riding under the sun.
  • The venting is also excellent, with two vents at the chin and two on the forehead. 
  • The back vents are unusually at the extreme back of the head, unlike any other helmets. This is good features because the air entering from the front vents can cover with the entire head, and there prevails a healthy airflow during long rides.
  • It is available only in one size that is X-Large size.

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The HJC FG-Flutura is a lightweight reasonably priced helmet. But the styling of the helmet and the designs gives it an expensive look. High in style and standard in values make it an amazing choice for any female motorcycle rider.

10. YEMA YM-926 Modular Women Motorcycle  Helmet:

Best in looks and high grades for being pocket friendly, the YEMA YM-926, is a great deal for any female motorcycle rider to grab. It a very futuristic look that tends to grab anyone’s attention. The ripped design looks absolutely tempting for anyone who has a soft corner for motorcycle and its apparels. 

 Key features of the YEMA YM-926 Modular Motorcycle Helmet are as follows:

  • It weighs somewhere around 3.5Pounds.
  • It has a very quick release chin strap and it is apt for women because it does not wreck your hair when you try and open it because of its soft padding.
  • With a single press of a button, the sun shield becomes accessible.
  • Along with the integrated sun shield installation, it gives enough space for attaching Bluetooth devices.
  • The vents are well placed and are adjustable. This makes the helmet for all seasons and highly recommendable for touring. 
  • The two vents on the forehead and the broader one in the chin can be adjusted to allow the inner flow of air.
  • The shell covering the helmet is not much thick which questions about its durability, but if well maintained, it can be quite durable.
  • The YEMA YM-926 is available in a number of choices but the color choice is restricted to only two. The color options available are white and matte black.

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The Helmet is best for touring with is flexible and adjustable vents. It comes with a warranty period of two years.  Which is not really rider’s satisfactory as the standard regulations say, a branded DOT Certified helmet can be used minimum for a tenure of 5 years.


Before knowing which is the best helmet for a female rider it is important to know, how to choose a perfect helmet. Not only a helmet one must know which Motorcycle that suits you the best and what are the necessary piece that makes a standard female biker’s outfit.

Before buying a helmet, one must make sure about the safety quality it provides. Check whether it provides is full or partial coverage to the rider’s face. Check on the brand and DOT authentication. Note the visor type and other important features. Check the terms and conditions so that you can change the product in case of any defect and size fit issue. You should always buy a helmet with a perfect size. Venting also plays a very important role in making a choice for a good helmet.

It is always recommendable to buy a premium helmet, maybe that cost a little much but it is a quality buy. Try to change your helmet every 5 years. 

Most importantly, do not take a chance to ride out without a helmet. Safety comes first, and take this minimum safety measure of wearing a helmet whenever you set out on your motorcycle.

I hope you find this article useful and this meets the help you were seeking.