12 Best Jackets For Female Motorcycle Rider For Summer Time

 When you intend to chase your dream and passion, and for you if it is only possible by riding down the roads veining through the winds, leaving back all the beauties down the road you are traveling and above all reaching your destination. This brings you the joy of win, tides of happiness. 

If you are a female rider, the essence of happiness resides in a whole different altitude. As in earlier times, motorcycle riding was seen as a manly thing to do. But now, the women are going beyond the problems faced by a lady biker chasing their life goal and interest. 

Not only the females are riding but also securing their names and places in the list of records in history. They are inspiring thoughts of women to struggle and achieve. Not only by what they are doing but also by the way they are doing. 

SHAYNA TEXTERSARAH LEZITO, CHESCA MILES, AND LEAH PETERSON, the stunt riders are the epitomes of determination and dedication. They achieved everything they desired. Despite the hurdle on the way, crashes they faced, they chose not to give up.

But there are also some incidents of crashes and accidents when a rider fails to ride again after the accident or crash. So, as it is important to ride and pursue it also very vital to ride with all the safety gear which makes  The Perfect Outfit for Female Motorcycle Rider

Never compromise on your safety apparels while riding a motorcycle. Riding far or throttling around the corner, it is always better to wear your motorcycling gear. 

Riding becomes super hectic in summers yet a rider cannot compromise on her gears and safety accessories.

Motorcycling Helmet, the most basic and important to equip a female rider’s outfit, the second place in the list is occupied for a female motorcycling jacket. 

Wearing a jacket that is full-sleeved and fits well is an absolute must-do thing for any motorcycle rider. Motorcycling jackets help to stay protected from the elements, and from cuts and scrapes. Despite the odd seasons it is necessary to wear a jacket to ensure safety. At the same time, it is also difficult to choose a proper jacket with proper venting.

However, women’s sizes and styles often require a different type of protective motorcycle jacket than men’s motorcycle jackets. For your help, we cut down great motorcycling jacket choices exclusively for a female rider. 

Following are the best motorcycling jackets for Female Riders for riding in summertime:

1. Alpinestars Stella Andes Pro Dystar Jacket, Tech-Air Compatible: 

It is the best choice for any female motorcycle rider if she chooses the textile frame over the leather frame. It is a great choice for street riding and touring purposes. The Alpinestar Stella Andes is a three-season jacket, ensuring the best protection with the integrated air-tech technology. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

The Stella Andes offers a completely water-proof jacket with the Drystar membrane. The Drystar membrane is well attached to abrasion-resistant, tough, and stylish outer textile. This makes the jacket highly durable.

The protection is much enhanced from the attached CE-armor in the elbows and shoulders. It is also accessible to make the Tech-Air Street Airbag  System installed for higher protection.  The zippers and the front cargo pockets of the jacket from Stella Andes are made waterproof. The jacket gives the rider a very stylish streamline fit.

The ventilation is absolutely fantastic and the interior of the jacket has a thick quilt liner to provide a hundred percent comfort to the rider. It comes with an inner pocket to carry quick take equips. 

The Alpinestar Stella Andes Pro Drystar with tech-air comes for a retail price of $550.

It is highly comfortable, with great durability, and scores greats in the scale of style. The size fits perfectly and comes in 5 sizes (standard sizes) and six great colors.

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2. Indian Motorcycle Ladies Loretto jacket:

The Indian Motorcycle Ladies Loretto Jacket is one of the best choices for women for riding in summer. It has a fixed lining, with four exterior and one interior pocket. Two pockets at the chest and two on the hip. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

The inner pocket is adequately spaced to stash all the personal necessities. Featured with an adjustable waist belt and handcuff, helps to fir the rider well and gives a great shape to the female rider. 

It is made of stretched cotton and as a rib-knit collar for all the protection and ensures rider’s comfort all the long rides in the summertime. 

It is designed for absolute comfort. 

It is designed with a leather patch in the front on the jacket and a small printed log on the back of the neck. It weighs somewhere around 3 Pounds. It is an absolutely great choice for summertime touring or city dwelling.

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3. Icon Mesh AF Riding Jacket:

The Icon Mesh AF Riding Jacket has a unique front and back mesh paneling to allow the passage of cooling air when riding on a hot summer day. The Icon mesh AF riding jacket is not heavy, while it is very light weighing, around 2.5 to 2.8 Pounds. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

It excels at securing the rider’s protection, with the inclusion of an industry-leading D3O impact protector package to ensure the best safety of elbow, shoulders, and spines. 

It comes with a special elbow, should, and back pads for rider’s comfort. The D3O CE certified back, shoulder and elbows armors are also removable. 

The special design assures shock absorption and impact protection. Because proprietary attack fit technology it can be worn comfortably over a single layer such as a T-Shirt. 

With a pricing of $180, it is available in five different colors and combinations and a wide sizing. The textile used confirms abrasion resistance. 

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4. Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket:

The Cleo 2.2 motorcycling Jacket by Joe Rocket exhibits feminine vibe thoroughly. The shape and design of the jacket bring out the beauty of the women wearing it. It has a CE approved armor at the shoulder and elbow, which are removable. It has a removable spine pad with a pocket for optional CE spine protection. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

It weighs around 4.6 Pounds. Making it quite good for females. The styling of the jacket is truly commendable. With the artistic detailed works on the right sleeve, gives the jacket a different beauty and flair. 

It is available in nine wide sizes ranges and three color options- black, white, or silver and red. 

The jacket has a waterproof and nine-point sure fit custom adjustment system. 

But the only place where it lacks is its durability and protection. If you overlook the two and use the jacket for nearby rides or riding as a passenger then it can be a good choice. 

The price of the Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 is $162. The mesh jacket is an ideal wear for summertime rides.

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5. Cortech Women’s GX Sport Air 5.0 Jacket:

This specific jacket gives the rider a sports look and makes it an ideal jacket for stunt riders and racers. The outer cover of the jacket is made of 600 denier Carbolex polyester fabric and Armor-Link 3 mesh. Extra protection in the elbows, shoulders, and forearms are enhanced with 1680 denier ballistic polyester fabric. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

It has neon labels and reflective panels to promote the styling along with the visibility while riding at night. The jacket is designed in a unique way to reduce arm fatigue while riding. The jacket is designed to assure the utmost flexibility, with the accordion stretch panels. 

The jacket does not have a well-designed venting, and it lacks in real term protection. The jacket is not at all suitable for the hot and humid season. The shaping of this jacket is slightly off through the shoulders, and on some women, it can look a bit like a linebacker.

It has four size options and the price ranges from $ 126.25 and the item weighs somewhere around 4 pounds, making it quite a great choice.

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6. Alpinestars Vika:

The perfect jacket that gives the ultimate protection and the perfect shape of the jacket that helps you to flaunt your shape perfectly. It is an extremely comfortable piece. The ergonomic stretch zones to optimize fit is ensured by buttery soft fully grained leather combined. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

The rider can freely move her body parts casually and wholly because of its great shape and fit. 

It is equipped with removable CE certified heat-sensitive and impact resistant shoulder and elbow protection. The material used to make the Alpine Vika is unique as it is extremely soft, thin and light in weight. A single piece of the leather collar provides a seamless creation around the neck of the rider which assures a higher level of comfort. 

It weighs somewhere around 6 Pounds. Women seem to prefer safety pockets on the inner side of the jackets under the leather cover. And the Alpinestar Vika provides a completely secure space for the same. 

It s a great choice for the females who don’t like to sacrifice their style statement for the sake of protection. It thoroughly claims that a tough can be stylish too. 

The price of the Alpinestars Vika is $ 499 (approximately). Definitely it is a good purchase that offers durability, style, and comfort at inexpensive pricing. It is a top-class choice for meeting all the needs of a motorcycling jacket. 

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7. Spidi 4 Season H2Out Lady Jacket:

It is known for its versatility. It fits all the features into a woman we all love about men’s jackets. The layered system allows the rider to enable the feature she needs for a specific time. The waterproof and insulating lines in the jacket can be removed separately and temporarily according to the season. It is ideal for a touring purpose and it excels at the venting system making it a great choice for summer rides.  

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

The exterior shell provides abrasion resistance while CE-approved armor takes care of the elbows and shoulders. Optional chest and back protectors are available.

The size available for the Spidi 4 Season varies from XS to 3XL. 

The color choices available for the same are, Black, black and grey, Fluorescent yellow with black and grey, and lastly black and grey with fuchsia. The retail price of the jacket is $550 approximately. 

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8. Milwaukee Leather, Motorcycle Jacket for Ladies:

There is nothing compared to a woman riding a cruiser with a stylish motorcycling jacket. It is essential to stay safe when you look stunning on a motorcycle. A perfect jacket to enhance the beauty and protection of the lady motorcycle rider. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

It is a great leather made motorcycle jacket for women with a great shape to make the rider absolute classy. For the outer shell of the Milwaukee Leather jacket, 1.2 MM premium milled cowhide leather is used. 

The front cross over closes up to neck when cold and collar and lapels snap down in the off-single angular zipper to catch the breeze or look cool. It has a number of pockets, 2 Outside Zip Pockets plus Coin Pocket, 1 Inside Pocket, and one Snap Closure pocket for additional storage. 

The torso is a bit longer than the typical which gives you freedom when riding wearing the jacket. The collar snaps down to prevent it from getting caught in the wind. 

It also comes with a half belt, zip sleeves, and zip outliner. 

The Price of the Milwaukee Leather Jacket for female riders varies between $124.99 to $144.99approximately.

Unlike other jackets for women rider, it is available in many different sizes thus making it a great choice for many riders. The only drawback of the jacket is, 

It lacks CE shells and its accessibility to join it later, due to which the protectiveness is confined when compared to other motorcycling jackets for women. Also, it is a wonderful selection for riding a motorcycle and can be graded 2.5 out of 5 for a choice of this jacket while riding in summer. 

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9. Cortech Women’s Bella Leather jacket:

The Cortech Women’s Bella Leather Jacket is a top stylish choice to add a look of retro or cafe racer to the female rider. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

It is made of the top grained0.8 to 0.9mm thick cowhide leather. The YKK zippered front closure is antiqued too. It has two chest pockets, hand pockets, and cuff. It is designed with an antiqued hardware for a retro cafe-racer look.  

The sleeves of the jacket are pre-curved and accordion stretch panels in the shoulders ensure a comfortable fit on the bike. A CE approved armor is provided in the elbow and shoulder. 

A high articulated back protector is given to provide comfort to the rider. 

It also has a very helpful accessible internal pouch pocket, and internal mobile or media storage pocket. It has a fixed liner for reduced friction and high comfort to the rider. 

It comes for a quite pocket-friendly price of $ 275 and weighs nearly around, 16 Pounds.

Available in 7 sizes and two absolutely classic colors, black and vintage brown makes it an amazing choice for the female motorcycle riders. 

This is an excellent investment, to consider purchasing for both protection and styling. Women using the Cortech Women’s Belle Leather Jacket also reviewed that they love the round neck. 

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10. True Element Premium Braided Leather Jacket:

The True Element Premium Braided Leather truly stands out from the rest of the jackets in every respect and aspect. Durability, very pocket-friendly pricing, comforting and stylish, ticking off all the tiles, the True Element Premium Braided Leather Jacket is one of the finest jackets for female motorcycle riders. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

The perfect fir size and shape it gives to riders look is commendable. It is a premium choice, made with 1 to 1.2 mm thick cowhide leather. It has a removable thermal lining which makes it fantastic to use it in all seasons. 

It is accessories with heavy braided zippers and hardware. It has 2 outside and one inside pocket for storage. The clinched waist takes its look to a great place. It gives the lady riders a baroness look and this is one big reason, why the female riders are a big fan of this. 

It is one of the inexpensive jackets compared to the premium quality. It weighs somewhere around 2.28 Pounds which very light and great for lady riders. 

The Price of the True Element Premium Braided Leather Jacker is $150 (approx.). It is available in seven different sizes. 

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11. Joe Rocket Ladies Classic’ 92 Jacket:

It has the right styling statement and comes for a very reasonable price. It is made of 1.0-1.2 MM drum dyed cowhide and is made in a very relaxed feminine manner. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

The Joe Rocket Classic’ 92 has a zip-in quilted liner and five well accommodated inner pockets. 

The soft neoprene lining in the collar gives the rider a very comfortable feel. Pockets for optional armor at the shoulders, elbows, and back. As preferred by women, it has five interior safe, secure pockets and four pockets outside it.

The color options available are black-white and brown-cream. The Joe Rocket Ladies Classic’ 92 jacket is available in 6 different sizes. 

It weighs somewhere around .06 Pounds with a mediocre venting system and its price ranging from $ 270 to $ 288 approximately.

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12. Victory Motorcycle OEM Women’s Black Skye Riding Jacket:

It is a military-inspired jacket and checks on the eider’s one hundred percent safety and protection. The jacket is produced by a very authenticated company, making is absolutely brand reliable. It has a textile outer shell and bold snap detailing throughout it. 

 What makes this jacket a great choice?

It weighs around 2.8 Pounds to 3.1 Pounds making it very preferable for female riders. 

He material used for making the Victory Motorcycle OEM Women’s Black Skye Riding Jacket is not only soft and flexible but also strong and durable. 

The inner part has a soft nylon lining for being easy with the rider’s skin. But the jacket lacks good venting which might get this jacket at a bit dilemma for wearing in summer months. 

There are a few size options available for the same. The jacket looks the best when someone wears it while riding on a victory bike, for it looks amazing when the rider sits straight wearing the jacket. Leaning while riding makes it look a bit clumsy 

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The choice of Jacket is as crucial as choosing a motorcycle and a helmet. Since female body structures vary greatly from that of men so it is very necessary to choose bikes and gears wisely. In the case of, biking accessories perfect fit plays a very crucial role. While choosing a perfect jacket for yourself it is necessary to check the following points:

  • Buy authenticated and branded products, 
  • Check the size chart and then buy,
  • Go through the specifications carefully,
  • Read the warranty availability document carefully,
  • Make sure there is a return policy available for the product, (if buying online).