What Are The 6 Major Problems Faced By A Lady Biker?

The saddening truth unfurls, motorcycling is a passion dominated majorly by the masculine portion of society. Many research results entail, females and males both share quite equivalent towards love for motorcycles but women hold back themselves for various reasons. 

Over time, it is evident that women are now coming forward moving ahead choosing fun enjoyment and adventures riding on their fuel charged unicorns. 

Such a proof is, we spoke to a  prominent YouTuber, who features vlogs on motorcycling gears, essentials, tours, etc. Mr. YouTuber reports that his channel analytics concludes, though his contents are mostly viewed by male viewers by 96.8%. But what moved us was, he elaborated in recent years he is getting quite a great number of female viewers. 

The women view also interrogate in the comment section, stay updated on the videos. This clearly shows we see a steady inclination of female motorcycle enthusiasts. 

What percentage of motorcycle riders are female?

However, a conclusion is drawn, which exhibits that approximately 14 percent of women took interest and part to constitute motorcycle riding in the year 2014, while in the year 1998, women made up only 7% out of all riders. 

Briefly, nearly 20 percent of motorcycle riders consist of female riders. This data is according to the latest national survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC).

It is observable that the percentage of women riders have doubled over twenty years. This is absolutely commendable. 

The fun, adventure, pleasure of possessing a motorcycle and riding it must not stay within one hemisphere of the global gender.

The adventure sport, Motorcycling should be open to everyone against all the discriminations.

Everyone who dares to ride should not let his or her desire get fragmented depending on gender, strength, societal pressure, or other narrow domesticated walls. 

Everyone should take much interest in the delight of this insanity! 

Who are famous female motorcycle riders?

There are women who have achieved heights of success in the ground of motorcycling. They have left numerous men behind in races. They stood up inspiring hundreds of other females who were passionate to ride but lacked courage. 

Some of such female motorcycle riders are, 

Shayna Texter – the Flat-track racer, who never gave up on races and created history with dedication and determination. 

Sarah Lezito, Leah Peterson, Anam Hashim, Chesca Miles are also a few motorcycle riders who shook the world with their motorcycle stunts. 

They struggled against all odds and won over the so-called hurdles of female motorcycle riders. 

What are the problems faced by female motorcycle riders?

After being so inspired and motivated about the motorcycle riding career of a female, we have to bend down to accept that there are obstructions and obligations for females as a rider. 

There are many challenges in the path deceived as hurdles and subjects faced by women motorcycle riders. It is inevitable that, neither everything in life is an easy flow as a river nor smooth as taking a ride down the slide.  

To roll on a two-wheel to distant routes or to sway the two-wheel with your wish and way takes a lot of courage, struggle, and difficulties to overcome. 

Few of the major problems are :

Societal pressure:

The norms of the embrace the very biased certainty that women are subjected to being judged on looks. And also must be encircled by certain communal presumptions and must fit right into the molds of so-called decent women, being sober, soft and 

If I’m not very incorrect, like around, 98% of the society can not or precisely do not accept a woman on a motorcycle. Be it touring on a motorcycle or stunting on it.

Considering a usual incident as an example, i.e., it is usually observed that no sooner boys step into their teen-age than they get access to motorcycles. On the other hand, females would be told that riding a motorcycle is a manly thing to do. And the girls would have to thrash their niche thought of joining in to be a women biker. 

Some girls definitely rage against such strata and go on building a riding career or be a passionate rider. But her spirit paces down fighting down her societal judgments and insecurities.

The constant thought of disapproval from society intends to create a vast impact on the girl’s mental health.

Any girl who rides a motorcycle is often objectified as tomboyish behavior. And yet we demand ourselves as a progressive being.

Let us pledge for a country where it is no deal for a man to perform ballet, likewise riding a motorcycle for a woman. 


To welcome a day where these sorts of things seem natural we have to give up on the traditional beliefs and norms. We have to accept changes and believe in choosing and letting people choose their way of life. 

Masculine Dominance:

Already recognized as a male orient sport, the motorcycling forum is much dominated by the masculine section of the society. 

The motorcycle clubs which are generally consisting of male motorcycle enthusiasts do not create many gaps for the inclusion of women riders in the stream. We cannot blame the group members either. They practice what they learned and pay no heed to preach better.

As a lady stands out to work out of the box eventually becomes distressed. 


Because she feels timid to show up as one amid the heap of male motorcycle riders. 

In case if you see a lady rider touring you are most obliged to see her either with her husband or boyfriend. 

A girl riding solo is a rare image to witness. 

‘A sheep in a lion’s den!’ is the proverb that sums it up. So, is a female in a male riding group. 

Safety issue: 

The safety issue can be tagged as the predominant obstacle to every woman rider in any city. 

We would all love to take strolls early morning in the city or a trip for a distant ride or drive solo. 

This is simply a matter of parent’s approval in case of boys but for a girl?

It is a real big deal, for she has to call for a friend preferably a male friend to be her security check. 

And that’s one big reason no women acquire the courage to travel solo. 

Also, women find it relatively safe to ride during the day for shorter distances but they won’t disagree that they, constantly stay cautious about her surroundings. 

As the sun’s light motivates a determined rider but serves no heal to a troubled mind. 

Chanting of progress takes us nowhere until we practice the changes we talk about.  

But I believe if they feel stir from within, the female motorcyclist fight the tides of difficulties. Check out, some amazing tips to travel solo on a motorcycle.

And girls, who sincerely look forward to touring and seriously would love to take a tour to the best motorcycle roads in the USA, you can either join the female motorcycle clubs in the USA or start a female motorcycle riding club.

Limited bike choice: 

One of the other major problems experienced by a lady motorcycle rider is, there are only a few bike choices for females. For the number is lesser for female riders, so is the bike choice.

One big problem that arises for choosing motorcycles for females is the height of the bike. 

But there is numerous lad rider, who proved it, ‘when there’s a will, there’s always a way’.

There are successful riders who have adjusted themselves well with tall bikes. They have eased their hindrance. 

But in recent times, we see a number of motorcycle manufacturing companies showing up who make motorcycles which are recommendable for women. 

Check out,  the 10 best recommendable motorcycles for female riders

We have also sorted the best Harley Davidson for short riders, for the females who are more inclined towards cruisers. 

The only things that pinch is, women-oriented motorcycles are usually either white, black, or pink in color!

May I know, who designed Pink as the color of women?

Limitations in gear selection:

We all know what a complete lady biker’s outfit comprises of! But where do we get all the right fit pieces of the entire costume?

Women rider always faces a shortage in choice of gears. 

Because the motorcycle gear manufacturer believes there is only a small section of women to the pie of motorcycle riders.

Therefore,  they do not invest much energy and time in female-specific gears. 

Awkwardly, the color selection for gear is also quite restrictedly ridiculous just similar to motorbikes. 

I simply do not understand, why on Earth, would a woman like to scream her gender and too by reflecting it through a specific color of her jackets, boots, or helmets?  

Moreover, if you are skinny it is an additional problem you will face while buying gears. First because there of course fewer variants and secondly it is not available in all sizes. 

Anyway, after some research, we put together some gear that inclines towards the female riders.

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Best Jackets for female ridersTop Motorcycling Pants For Female Riders.

The hitch-hike of restrooms: 

The necessity of the proper restroom for women travelers is essential and one of the most important things you can ask for. The requirement of it increases and chances of fulfillment decrease when a lady rider travels solo.

Females, also do have Certain health and physical obligations. The natural phenomenon, maybe insignificantly, but serves as a hindrance to the life of a traveling seeking women. 

To add on, it is truly difficult for women to cover a large distance on motorcycles at once.

No matter how much we boast for equality it must be accepted that women have less strength compared to men. And you can’t go ignoring the fact. Though there are exceptions, in that case, to defy the very truths of life! 

Thus, these are a few major obstacles faced by women riders. 

However, acquiring success is not an easy run. It requires a lot of dedication and determination. To conquer is to work hard.