Top 10 Bikes For Women | Comparative Price List | Specifications

The love for motorcycling is universal, irrespective of gender. Yet the fun experience lies in a slightly different note in the case of women than men. Women have different learning procedure than men, women have different requirements for riding a motorcycle comfortably. There are few physical body structures that are the root of the differential choices of the motorcycle between men and women. Height, body weight, strength being some a few of such. In spite of numerous problems faced by a female biker, women are progressing and making up quite a good position the motorcycle riding. Every passing year has assured and motivated the women to call themselves a motorcycle rider.

In the modern era, 9% of the total motorcycle rider comprises of women. Women are equally taking interest and part in races, stunts, touring and vlogging, and so on.      

Amidst all of the hurdles in the life of a female rider, one of the most important things is to fight down all the snag and keep moving ahead to sway the flag of conquering.

Such an example is Shayna texter, a role model who never gave up on races and today made a very significant place in the world motorcyclist. 

And to reach that level of excellence it is indispensable to select a perfect wing for yourself.The partner to take you up there to your dreams overtaking every difficulty with its own speed and comforting you throughout the inevitable journey through its presence.Therefore, it is requisite to rightly choose a motorcycle, firstly, and importantly to persuade your need and secondly to comfort you and enhance your ability. 

The reality portrays, that there is not a lot of resources out there catered to female riders. In a motorcycling industry that has been dominated by male riders for enough time, a solid selection of bike choices is just too bulky and heavy for some women. However, more top brands are creating bikes that a variety of riders can easily adapt to. 

What is the price list for the best-known motorcycle for lady riders?

 Bike Model Price (approx.) Price in INR (approx.)
Star Motorcycles V Star Custom/Classic (650) $2,299  Rs.173,102.056
Kawasaki Ninja 250   $4,999 Rs.  376,397.206
Honda Shadow Spirit 750   $5,599 Rs. 421,573.906
Kawasaki Vulcan 900   $7,999 Rs. 602,280.706
Harley Davidson Sportster 883   $8,999 Rs. 677,575.206
Indian Scout Bobber   $11,500 Rs. 365,886.75
Triumph Street Triple 675   $11,508 Rs. 866,489.106
Triumph Tiger 800    $12,000 Rs. 903,534.000
Yamaha R6    $12,199 Rs. 918,517.606
Harley Davidson Street Glide   $21,289 Rs. 1,602,944.610

What are the best motorcycles for women?                                                                                                        

1. Star Motorcycles V Star Custom/Classic (650):

A unique approach has been established by Yamaha to design the V-Star. The major worth mentioning reasons for purchasing the V star custom or classic 350 middleweight cruiser are essentially styling, rider comfort, handling, authenticity, and value.

Category: Cruiser

What are the specifications for V Star Custom?

  • Engine Type: Air-cooled 70-degree V-twin; SOHC, two valves per cylinder
  • Displacement: 649cc   
  • Maximum Torque: 37.6 pound-feet at 3,000 pm
  • Seat Height: 27.4 inches    
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.2 gallons      
  • Weight: 514 pounds            
  • Height: 42.3 inches                  
  • Width: 34.6 inches               
  • Length: 92.1 inches

  Check out more specifications for V Star Custom                                          

What are the specifications for V Start Classic 650?

  • Engine Type: Type 40-cubic-inch (649cc) air-cooled 70° V-twin; SOHC, 2 valves/cylinder
  • Displacement: 649cc 
  • Maximum Torque:5.2kg-m (37.5 ft-lb)@ 3,000 rpm
  • Seat Height: 27.9
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.2 gallons
  • Weight: 214kg
  • Height:43.5 inches
  • Width: 36.6inches     
  • Length:96.5 inches

  Know more specifications                                     

Why it is one of the best for women?

V star classic 650 is a fantastic cruiser to start out on. It is a midsize modal which makes it a perfect ride-on for females.

The long, low styling, the authentic 40 cubic-inch V-twin, the painstaking attention to detail is astonishing and is capable of knocking you out.

Take one for a nice long trail ride, and you will find out why it is the list of one of the best. Big on value and great in looks, the V-Star 650 Classic pleases way above its weight. It’s a champion by an explicit decision. 

In my personal opinion, lightweight forged pistons reduce reciprocating mass and engine vibration in the V Star Custom, while the ceramic cylinder-bore plating reduces much friction and improves heat transfer to the thick cooling fins. This makes the motorcycle more likely.

The clutch is the old, very reliable, wet multi-disc type and has a low-maintenance, the shaft-drive system serves as the final drive between the five-speed transmission and the rear wheel. To be honest,the motorcycle is very pleasurable and a perfect choice for women. 

The bikes are perfect for they are light in weight and such motorcycles are highly preferable for the female rider, moreover who is a beginner. 

2. Kawasaki Ninja 250:

There are numerous female riders who take much interest in riding sportbikes.  In that case, Ninja on the market makes a perfect bike for new riders who want a sporty ride.

 Category: Sports Touring

 What are the specifications for Kawasaki Ninja 250

  • Engine Type: Parallel Twin, Liquid-cooled, 8-Valves, DOHC Engine
  • Displacement: 249cc
  • Maximum Torque: 22.0 Nm @8200 rpm
  • Seat Height: 29.3 inches 
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.8 gallons
  • Weight: 170 kg 
  • Height: 43.89 inches
  • Width: 28.14 inches
  • Length: 82.09 inches

More detailed specifications                                        

Why is Kawasaki Ninja 250 ideal for female bikers?

Kawasaki Ninja has long been a popular choice for beginning riders and female motorcycle enthusiasts, because of its the look of a sportbike and a comfortable sit-up seating position.

The specificities such as lightweight, easy-to-maneuver, tranquil motorcycle are ideal for beginners who prefer modern technology in a sporty outlook.

An updated package that they won’t outgrow too soon. The Ninja 250 makes a great first bike for women riders who are those seeking a sportier ride.

The seat height is on par for a sportbike, but thankfully in this particular, it’s on the lower side newly minted motorcyclists can easily handle the bike. This adds to why women should choose Kawasaki Ninja 250.

3.Honda Shadow Spirit 750:

The Honda Shadow Spirit 750 is one of the best Shadow models. This esteemed motorcycle has been hugely popular among women riders for decades. I even started my motorcycling life on a Shadow, a 1982 500cc model, so I can vouch for its accessibility for women riders.

  Category: Cruiser

 What are the specifications for Honda Shadow Spirit 750:

  • Engine Type: 745cc liquid-cooled 52° V-twin
  • Displacement: 745cc  
  • Maximum Torque: 60.5Nm/44ft. Ib @300 rpm
  • Seat Height: 27.6 inches 
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.7 gallons
  • Weight: 229 kg     
  • Height: 44.3inches
  • Width: 36.2 inches  
  • Length: 98.8inches
  • More specifications of Honda Shadow Spirit 750                       

What makes Honda Shadow Spirit 750, ideal for female riders?

Many women loved the bike as I do, but the handlebars seemed too far of a reach for them as well, so a little modification is worthy enough to set a fantastic investment. Honda Shadow Spirit is a wonderful choice for experienced rider to be honest.

It might not be suitable enough for beginning female riders as some of the other mentioned models, but perhaps with just a little essence of confidence, this low seat height cruiser may be a good beginner pick that also suits women.  

4. Kawasaki Vulcan 900:

It competes for edge to edge with the supercool V Star 950 and the Sportster 883 SuperLow in engine size. The Kawasaki Vulcan is very attractive and stylish in terms of looks. 

    Category: Cruiser

    What are the specifications for Kawasaki Vulcan 900?

  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, 55 V-twin, 4 valves per cylinder, SOHC, liquid-cooled
  • Displacement: 903cc
  • Maximum Torque: 58.2 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm
  • Seat Height:27.0 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.3 gallons
  • Weight: 276 kg
  • Height: 44.1 inches
  • Width: 35.2 inches
  • Length: 94.7 inches
  • More Specifications of Kawasaki Vulcan                                  

What makes Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Ideal for women?

That shallow seat allows the majority of female riders to place both feet flat on the ground which is very helpful. Whereas the seat is the wide bucket type, it does narrow substantially as it reaches the tank so women who are short in height riders can scoot up to gain an extra half-inch when placing their feet on down, which is truly remarkable.

The handlebars are wide and low offering a relaxed riding position. Thus, this motorcycle is an apt and pleasure for choice for any female rider. Another attractive feature of the Vulcan 900 is the belt drive. It’s lighter than a shaft drive and requires less maintenance than a chain.

5. Harley Davidson Sportster 883:

The national average height of a female is 5’5, so having such a motorcycle they can easily swing their leg over is important, especially when they are learning how to ride it.

And Harley Davidson Sportster is closer to the ground making it ideal for women. Apart from this, it has a classy and fantastic look which also makes it very favorite among people.

Category: Cruiser.

What are the specifications for Harley Davidson Sportster 883?

  • Engine Type: Air-cooled Evolution V-twin; 2 valves/cyl.
  • Displacement: 883cc
  • Maximum Torque: 53.8 lb.-ft. @ 3,750 rpm
  • Seat Height: 27.5 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.3 gallons
  • Weight: 255 kg
  • Height: 44.09 inches
  • Width: 32.28 inches
  • Length: 88.58 inches

   Know more Specifications                                      

What makes Harley Davidson Sportster 883 ideal for lady bikers?

It is much known that Harley dominates over the female motorcycle market and bring around suitable bikes for women. This is exclusive from the list. The name of the motorcycle comes with a tag of SuperLow which would attract the fastest growing demographic of new riders, women. 

The most noticeable and pleasurable qualities of the SuperLow is when you ride it as the new front end specs create a completely different Sportster feel, a more linear ride as the marketing notes indicate; that’s really the best word to describe it.

6. Indian Scout Bobber:

The Indian Scout Bobber has a fantastic and stylish appearance. The confidence inspired lean angles favors both beginner riders as well as experienced riders.

This, combined with the bike’s low center of gravity, provides an exceptionally high and low-speed combination of movements involving skill and dexterity: a gymnastics maneuver

 Category: Cruiser

 What are the Specifications for the Indian Scout Bobber:

  • Engine Type: Liquid-Cooled V-Twin (60 degrees)
  • Displacement: 1,133cc
  • Maximum Torque: 97.7Nm
  • Seat Height: 25.6 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.3 gallons
  • Weight: 259kg
  • Height: 41.5 inches
  • Width:  35.5 inches
  • Length: 87.5 inches

Check out all the specifications for Indian Scout Bobber                                      

 What makes the Indian Scout Bobber ideal for women?

This is a super ride choice.It is favored by a lot of female riders as the statics says. The Indian Scout Bobber is a fantastic piece and makes it a rider’s choice.

It has a great, iconic “Indian” flair to it that has become so established in the brand identity, and it is simple to handle, the other reason for being user friendly. While this isn’t necessarily one of the best motorcycles for beginners, it is lower to the ground than most others and is a great choice for females who might be on the smaller side.

7. Triumph Street Triple 675:
Triumph Street Triple is a middleweight streetfighter from British manufacturer, using a powerful 675 cc, 3-cylinder engine producing 77.21 BHP at 11054 rpm and 57.3 Nm at 8375 rpm.

It comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox and weighs just 188 kg. Triumph claims a top speed of 220 km/h for the motorcycle, providing the rider with loads of safety options like traction control and ABS.

This specific model comes with a twin 310 mm front brakes from Nissin and 220 mm single Brembo brake at the rear. It rivals Benelli TNT600i, Kawasaki ER-6N, and Ducati Monster 797 in its segment.

Category: Naked Sports

What are the Specifications for Triumph Street Triple 675? 

  • Engine Type: 765 ccs (46.68 cu in) transverse inline-3, DOHC, 4V/cyl, liquid-cooled
  • Displacement: 675cc
  • Maximum Torque: 57.3 Nm @ 8375 rpm          
  • Seat Height:31.49 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 17.4 liters
  • Weight: 188kg
  • Height: 41.73 inches
  • Width: 29.13 inches
  • Length: 80.90 inches

    Detailed Specifications of Triumph Street Triple 675                                      

What makes the Triumph Street Triple 675 ideal for women?

If something that turns you on and that is nothing but running is the sleek, stripped-down, cafe racer-style look, then feel free to kindly blindly trust the Triumph Street Triple 675.

This bike carries a fantastic style statement, between a racer bike and a more classic look.  It is an amazing choice for any female rider who has a short height because, it has got a lower, scooped-out seat (bucket seat) so it’s great and makes it look quite fascinating.

8. Triumph Tiger 800 XR:

Setting the bar high for all-road, all-day riding comfort, the base model Tiger 800XR is as perfect for touring the world’s highways, as it is on the city streets, with superb off the beaten track handling too. It can be called as An All Rounder precisely.

Category: Adventure Motorcycle

What are the specifications for Triumph Tiger 800?

  • Engine Type: 799 cc (48.8 cu in), inline-3, 12-valve, DOHC
  • Displacement: 800cc
  • Maximum Torque: 79 Nm @ 8,050 rpm
  • Seat Height: 32 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 19 litre
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Height: 53.15 inches
  • Width: 31.29 kg
  • Length: 87.20 inches

Detailed Specification of Triumph Tiger 800                                   

What makes Triumph Tiger 800 one of the best for lady bikers?

The bike suits the best for women with an adventurous taste. For a lot of female riders, particularly ones who’ve only ever ridden on the street, flat-footing it at stops is paramount for feeling confident. The Tiger’s rational seat height is indicative of Triumph’s desire to make the Tiger accessible and easy to use for all.

9. Yamaha R6:

Though the elegant Yamaha R6 has made its name for itself on the track, this marvelous bike isn’t just for races. You can get it in a 600cc engine, which is a perfect amount of burst for most riders who aren’t obsessed with the size of their engines. It’s also light and skillful and the styling is fantastic and aggressive.

Category: Sportbike

What are the specifications for Yamaha R6?

  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder, 4-valves
  • Displacement: 599cc
  • Maximum Torque: 61.7Nm (6.3kg-m) @ 10,500 rpm
  • Seat Height: 33.46 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 17 liters
  • Weight: 190kg 
  • Height: 45.27 inches
  • Width: 27.36 inches
  • Length: 80.31 inches

Know more detailed specifications                         

What makes Yamaha R6 ideal for female riders?

Anyone might think that the Yamaha R6 is just a perfect companion on track, but it’s actually pretty swift on roads too. The 599cc, 133 bhp machine is effortless when it comes to steering, and stability. It is no wonder that its classy getup and multi-task can easily make you fall in love with it.

Impressive Technology is what Yamaha is known for. But the R6 has got the full package. It may not be the most powerful bike on the market, but Yamaha is starting to prove that 600cc motorcycles are the way forward.

10. Harley Davidson Street Glide:

Harley-Davidson isn’t exactly known for making light bikes (most of them are definitely not), but for some people, nothing will do but a Harley. If you’re a biker chick who won’t consider any other brand, then consider the Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

This bike is comparatively middleweight and much heavier than many of the other ones on this list, but for a Harley, it’s as light as a feather.

Category: Cruiser

What are the specifications for Harley Davidson Street Glide:

  • Engine Type: Milwaukee-Eight 114
  • Displacement: 1868cc
  • Maximum Torque: 163 Nm @ 3000 rpm
  • Seat Height: 27.4 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Weight: 362 kg
  • Height: 52.75 inches
  • Width: 38.18 inches
  • Length: 96.5 inches

      Check out the more detailed specifications                                

What makes Harley Davidson Street Glide Suitable for women?
As the major segment of lady riders are into riding middleweight cruisers, it is t an amazement to see the main offering bike throughout the previous five years make it into our best ten listed motorcycles.

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide has been the most highlighted bike among all riders since its presentation in 2006. It has set in motion the custom bagger rage with its low threw and classic smooth styling.


We have tried to list down the amazing motorcycles with its price details, specification, and exclusive features. We main aim is to help you choose the ride motorcycle for your need and pleasure. Do not compromise on comfort and fascinations when buying something for your ownself or thinking to gist something to your close ones. To conclude, “that was a happy ride”, make sure you choose the perfect companion and enjoy as you fly with it.