KTM Adventure 390- The Complete Package

 Good things do take time and the better thing is here, KTM 390 is here with some amuses.

I have highlighted the aspects whichever I felt was worth highlighting, skip it at your own risk!

Being much interested in bikes, I have personally witnessed a lot of craze about the newly launched KTM 390 ADVENTURE! So here I decided to come up with the review after personally visiting the KTM outlet and the blog is utterly based on the personal opinion! I sincerely hope this helps you. 

Does anyone read this has ridden a duke 390? In case, if you have or haven’t let me tell you, the 390 adventure exactly feels the same in fact the BS6 has been incorporated and the vibrations have been reduced and have become a lot less quite. It weighs 162kg (dry) which makes it 13kg heavier than the duke 390. The seat height of the 390 adventure is 855mm and it is 25mm taller than the duke 390. The handlebar is upright and feels agile in the corners and it absolutely doesn’t feel slow or sluggish. 

Well, the duke 390 adventure comes with many power parts like the GPS Bracket, Aluminium Sprocket, Helmet Lock, Fork Protectors, Handlebar Brace, Headlight Protector.

There is no sign of adjustable suspension. 

The new twin fan curved radiatordoes a better job than the duke and the heat deflectors built in the radiator shrouds divert hot air from your legs and even in jam traffic the bike never got uncomfortably hot

It has got switchable ABSwhich is very essential and helpful for the people who are gonna use this bike for both purposes. 

Again it has got corner ABS which will help you gain more trust on your motorcycle while cornering. 

For its commanding riding position, the tall seat height and its wide handlebar make you feel riding a much bigger motorcycle.

But actually the bike is slim so it helps you easily go through traffic. 

The long list of premium features and a ride setup that offers the convenience of the daily commute and highway touring makes the duke 390 adventure much practical.  

Now coming to its adventure part, well if you decide to take this bike for hardcore off-roading which involves steep rocky climbs, things can get a bit tricky. It won’t be able to hop like the KTM 450 rally rider, but still, to some extent, you can do a decent level of off-roading and will enjoy this motorcycle.

Now coming to the next part where many people have the same question, which is better the 390 adventure or the Royal Enfield Himalayan? Well, the Himalayan is much more off-road bias bike with its longer travel suspension and greater ground clearance but its also the heavier bike and it just doesn’t match the raw power of the KTM 390 adventure. Taking consideration of all the toys which this bike offers for off-roads and it does justify the one odd lack excess rupees that it demands. Even it is Rs 64000 lesser than the BMW GS 310 making it a tempting buy. 

I think KTM 390 Adventure completely justifies the title of the best adventure motorcycle in this country at the moment.while there are more motorcycles which are more affordable and have got better suspension travel and got easier to ride on off-roads but they are not just nearly this motorcycle on the roads and none of them is a complete package as a bike to go out on and discover new places andlive the definition of adventure. The 390 adventure hits a sweet spot.