Why are you so crazy about motorcycles? Why do you waste so much time and money after that two-wheel? So much effort after a bike! You will regret it! Don’t you feel bad investing so much petrol and loitering around with your bike?

These are a few very common statements I face when expressing my unconditional love for motorcycles. I am pretty much sure we have a hundred out there who face the same drudgery as me.

It is so difficult to make the other person understand the essence of the breeze that smoothens your soul as you ride your fuel charged unicorn.

I feel like, my soul charges up as I choose to go out on early weekend mornings, I choose to filter my heart and soul riding to some unknown outskirts on my ride on.

Allover the feel, the zest is inexpressible.

I feel riding takes effort, especially compared to driving a car.

Not only it’s a physical and mental workout it also increases the person’s sensitivity.

Motorcycles have always had a certain appealing and glamorous presence, and that is why there have always been people, wanted to get to the root of that feeling.

Motorbikes might not have anything to do with your life, but it helps me to get through the problems of my life, giving me an amazing weekend life as well as being my everyday traffic trauma partner.

I feel there are a lot of you who feel the same.

Let’s unite through the best. Drop a comment if you really agree with this. As I feel disturbed,

I choose it as my wing to reach the heights to attain peace, also as divers to dive the ocean of reincarnation.