Count quick facts on Dominar 2019

It never mattered how bad my day is, my Bike will always make me feel better!And here is a review on my new DOMINAR 2019, for every bike, maniac out there.

The quick check o the facts:

  • The engine of the new Dominar is much refined and smooth.
  • The 2019 Dominar is a bit upgraded than the older version which offers USD forks,  gear indications and you’ll be getting a double exhaust. 
  • The visibility of the headlights is apparent, and you can thoroughly rely on in that case. 
  • The handlebar is a bit upright, so it is very comfortable for the touring purpose rather choosing for a severely long span is promisingly hasslefree. 
  • Dominar 400 is a naked sports bike that is made for touring. 
  • The sitting posture for the rider is very comfortable, and you don’t need any kind of modifications whereas the sitting posture for the pillion is not that much comforting as it is a little bit narrow, so for pillion rides you can opt for certain modifications in that case. The suspension is also very comfortable compared to the older version. 

Experience-based Opinion:

This is the best bike in this segment as compared to Duke 390 and the BMW G 310 R.

It performs really good on highways and you can easily cruise this bike around 135-145km/hr. 

You can also meet up your thirst for offroading choosing Dominar. Once you exceed after 5000 rpm the bike, the bike pulls really fast. 

It is very comfortable for city rides as well. 

The sound it produces is also very decent and gives a good bass.

The clutch and gear response of the bike is also very smooth and clear. 

The fuel efficiency it gives in the city is around 19-24kmpl, and on highways, it gives a fuel efficiency of 23-27kmpl (depending on the rider and the road). A coin has two sides, similarly, I would like to exfoliate the other side of the bike which is utmostly extracted from my personal experience.

Listing Down some drawbacks as per my perspective:

So firstly talking about the tank instrument panel I think the information which is given should have been given on the main display so that it could get much easier for the rider to look into.

As well as it is also not very safe to look down and again up at the same time while riding because of all the information given in the tank instrumental panel is very important like the gear indicators, the time and the odometer. 

And if a rider puts a tank bag on their tank that is going to block the parameters provided. 

Now talking about the vibrations, Bajaj has tried to remove vibrations on the new Dominar, and yes it is reduced but not obliterated.                                  

While cruising at 6000-6500 rpm, you will slightly get few vibrations from the handlebar, but it is bearable. 

The other important feature which I personally did not like about the new Dominar is its rear brake, and I think the bajaj needs to look into the matter. 

I hope this comes to help, and all I shared is my personal experience and would love to come back with some more such articles! Stay tuned, and enlist your queries (if you have any) in the comment section below.